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The Giveaway is now closed , the books in the giveaway are still listed below and the names of winners and what they have won are below too.

The following books were in the giveaway

Paradox - The Angels Are Here by Patti Roberts
Nine hundred years ago there was a bloody and violent battle when the Grigorian army rose and fought against the Bulguardian Royal Palace. This battle still rages on almost destroying the Royal City of Altaire.
It was not the first war Juliette had seen and endured between good and evil, and it was not to be the last.
Set in the present day a young girl named Grace has found herself traumatized by grief. Grace has haunting visions of previous lives and deaths. An original concept and storyline.

A Job From Hell by Jayde Scott
Nothing and no one can be trusted in this world of love bonds, rituals, dark magic, immortals and ancient enemies. Amber is a 17 year old who enters the world of the paranormal quite by accident, when she is set up in a summer job in Scotland by her brother Dallas.
Dallas has seen something in the woods , which he thinks can make them rich beyond the wildest f any dreams. All is not as it seems and when Amber enters the Paranormal world, she finds she has also entered into a race. A race that has a prize many would kill for.....

Black Wood by Jayde Scott
Surely witches, trolls, nymphs and silverfurs are figments of imagination? Emily Jones thinks that until she moves into Ravencourt manor, her deceased grandmother's manor. Its just as creepy and scary as she remembered it.
To bring her separated parents together again Emily opens a portal to Black Wood. And so Emily's long, dangerous fight against the evil Muriel begins.
Will Emily learn to use her grandmother's legacy before Muriel unleashes her powers upon the world?

Raven by Suzy Turner
After Lilly Taylor's parents inexplicably disappear, she has no other option but to move to Canada, where she discovers some frightening yet intriguing family secrets.

Paranormal Doorway To The Triquetra by Lenore Wolfe
When Mira inherits an ancient Medallion she isn't happy to learn that she is the next Jaguar Witch. Bound by the blood of the Jaguar, to cross the doorway and learn the Way of the Stone. She must find the Doorway To The Triquetra. However in doing so each move she makes leads her only to a deeper mystery, where all her past lives are bound..... to four immortal men.

Dark Warrior by Lenore Wolfe
Amanda Kane has always had visions of the man she is destined to marry, a cowboy who will help her to save her ranch. Hawk is no ordinary cowboy, he carries a powerful secret. A secret that leads to betrayal.

The Bringer by Samantha Towle
Love is agony and Death is sad.
Max was her next job. She got his name just before he died, it was her job to bring his soul to heaven. Then Max began his pleading (as they often do) but Max was pleading for his son James not himself as was usually the case.
 Max pleaded. Would she look after James? Would she be there to comfort him as he grieved for the loss of his father? James was a sensitive young man, and would take his father's death very hard.
Bringers don't actually do that sort of thing,they are not allowed to be involved in earthly matters.
When the Bringer saw James she felt something she had never felt before, an emotion. Bringers don't have emotions, yet she really couldn't help herself. She was drawn to James against every instinct she had ever had, and against every law of the universe. She fell in love, a very large fall for a Bringer to take.

Hidden - The Marchwood Vampire Series by Shalini Boland
This is a paranormal romance spanning centuries from modern day England to the 19th Century in Paris and ancient Cappodocia.
Madison Greene is in foster car until she inherits a fortune, including a house that contains a cellar full of danger.
Alexandre Chevalier lives in 19th Century Paris. Whilst on an archaeological expedition he discovers a lost underground city, where his life is set to change forever.
This is only the beginning as their lives entwine......

Ruby And The Mix Games (Hue Series Volume 1) by Joseph Seegitz
Ruby Majis is just twelve years old and is learning how to secrete magical ink from her skin's pores. Its a painful experience, but is a necessary one if she is to learn how to practice Hue. Hue is a dangerous, magical sport that turned her caring older brother Chance into a cold hearted scoundrel.
Ruby is guided by a trainer who has a shady past, and is paired with a supernatural boy. Ruby embarks on the journey to find her brother at the Mix Games, which is the annual tournament of Hue and held on the other side of the world.

Salt Bowl Death by Cypher Lx
This book is set in 1876 on the Salt Flats of Utah. A prehistoric bacterium came to life when it entered the wounds of a posse of  law men and spreads like wildfire.
Two years later the territories are over run by the walking dead. Salt Bowl Death begins with a bounty hunter named The Reaper by those who encountered him. He cuts down the undead.....for a price.
However he finds out he is not alone in his quest to slay the undead.
Ann is a Soiled Dove and is travelling with her friend , they both have secrets they will have to face in Fortuna.
When Ann, her friend and The Reaper meet, questions arise, secrets are revealed and destinies collide.

Darkest Before Dawn by Cypher Lx
Elissa Greyfield is a Goth Girl and photography student who after suffering the unsolved disappearance of her sister and family tragedy makes a life changing decision to join the Philadelphia Police Department. When she joins the homicide department she is paired with Sean Winters, the same detective that investigated her sister's disapperance.
They begin investigating a series of murders that soon begin to show links to her sisters case. what detective Elissa Greyfield doesn't realise is she is being watched. Due to her own behaviour of self destructiveness the detective is thrown into something she is unprepared for, even though she has an interest in the dark side.

Coexist by Julia Crane
Keegan is sixteen and is trying to keep a big secret from her friends....she is an elf and is descended from a long line of elves that live secretly among humans.
In elfin society mates are predetermined, however they are not allowed to meet until the are eighteen. against this tradition Keegan's brother Thaddeus has told her the name of her future mate. Thaddeus has visions and sees that Keegan will need the protection of Rourk her mate in the forthcoming war between the dark and the light elves.
Rourk is drawn to Keegan's side every time she is in need of protection, but he tries to stay in the background unseen. However a twist of fate pusshes them both together and Rourk is forced out into making his presence known to protect Keegan.
An ancient prophecy entwines around Keegan's family and the future of society. Can they thwart fate and win the war without losing Keegan? With a war and dark forces looming can Keegan and Rourk have the life together that they both wish for?

The Beautiful Evil by Robbi Sommers Bryant
How well do you know yourself? If you were forced to face your inner demons - escaping with a secured inner peace or the possibility of complete emotional ruin - how would you fare?
The demons are in all of us, they watch us from our shadows, they whisper in our ears and tempt us with our own darkness. This book is one woman's journey into her own dark, personal hell in the pursuit of passion, hop and serenity.
Constance is scarred by her fathers death when she was a young child. Constance has no where to turn for support or answers as her mother refuses to talk about her father's scandalous death and his mysterious last days. All Constance's mother wants is to turn her into a d├ębutante, she chooses her clothes and activities. Constance has only one true friend her own reflection in the mirror. then one day a purchase of an antique vase changes everything. When constance opens the vase demons flow into her life. One of the demons actually befriends Constance but the decisions she chooses to make thrust her into a very dark and shadowy world.

Caged By Darkness by JD Stroube
A witch raised in a cage of darkness....
Savannah Cross was born into a life of abuse and isolation. As a child she witnessed her parents perform male-violent evil, and now feels permanently marked by their evil dark deeds.
When a coven finds a tear stricken child on the elders lawn, they take her in, and offer her a sanctuary she has never known.
When savannah is sixteen she must choose between two paths, a path that taught her to love and the path that is darkness.
How can she survive the greatest evil she has ever witnessed long enough to have a choice to make?

Crossroads by Mary Ting
Claudia enters another place in her dreams, called Crossroads, the same night as the tragic death of her friend. At Crossroads Claudia learns about a mix breed of angels and humans who possess supernatural powers. Among these powers, lies evil, known as the fallen. Claudia is mystified by her ability to enter this world, and she is certain that the fallen will be after her. Claudia is given a guardian angel called Michael.
The leader of the fallen named Aden believes that Claudia holds the key to the destruction of Crossroads. Claudia's dream rapidly turns into a nightmare as she learns secrets both about herself and those around her whom she loves the most.

Forever Sunshine by Collette Scott
Cherise Bridwell is young, naive, and solely focused on completing her college degree and beginning her career, when her frightened sister Shelley turns up. Shelley arrives on that hot summer night looking for help. This is the end of Cherise's carefully ordered life. Shelley is trapped in an abusive marriage and needs her sister's help to break away from it. Cherise gains help from Police Sergeant Brandon Nicholson, with his strength an guidance he helps both sisters become strong, survive and to live life to the fullest.
Cherise and Brandon fall in love and begin to build a future together. They go through ups and downs, and through it all Cherise and her family must learn to meet and face every day with optimism and hope.

Piercing Through The Darkness by Emerald Barnes
It's on the edge of her memory like a word on the tip of her tongue, but Kandi can't remember what it is to save her life. Jimmy is unable to protect her despite the fact is he is a cop. Kandi's in danger and she doesn't even know. The man who teaches her biology wants to see her dead! Her memories have started coming back. How can Jimmy protect Kandi, when she doesn't even know she is in danger?

Nalia and the Potion Maker by Queenbe Monyei
A great evil is spreading in the once very beautiful Aetheria. The evil stems from the Great Land of the North. It is a world that has been ravaged by vengeance and fury.
Nalia knows nothing of this world, she doesn't know that she bears one of the most treasured and coveted, sacred gifts. A gift that has sent many others into hiding or they have been killed. An unusual visitor  finds her and claims that her gift is needed to save his world. her task is not an easy one, she has to find the great potion maker whose memory has been stolen. that's if he is still alive. on this journey Nalia meets Lyris who can heal anything with his touch.

A heart wrenching tale of death, betrayal and the dark side of unrequited love.

Scorpio Rising - The Scorpio Series by Monique Domovitch
Alexander Yvanov has ambitions so great, that he has to put everything else aside. Born in Brooklyn from an embittered mother he climbs his way to a better life in New York. Thousands of miles away the beautiful Brigitte Dartois also has big dreams and raging ambitions. This is the story of Alexander and brigitte, when they meet their single minded obsessions are put to the test. Which will they choose Love or Sucess?
This book is Monique's first novel, and takes the reader on a breath taking journey from new York to Paris.

 Legacies of Talimura - War of the Witch by Angel Haze
Debonair is a witch from the Unspoken Lands, and has meddled in magic, a forbidden practice, and has created an army of nightmarish proportions.
When the sixteen year old Astanyx and his two friend return to their town, Polca, after a hunting trip, they discover it has been reduced to smoke and ash. The friends then find themselves in a battle that they have no training for.
Astanyx with the help of his comrades which include, an esteemed warrior, one of the last great wizards, and a princess they have sworn to protect. They must fight to unite the worlds of humans, elves and dwarves. Astanyx must ask forbidden questions, about Talimura's dark history that no one wants to answer.
As Debonair's brutal warriors lay siege to the kingdoms, Astanyx must pursue a quest for a blade powerful enough to defeat the witch before she destroys the three kingdoms and unleashes an ancient unspeakable evil.

Bloodletter by Angel haze
Thou Shalt Not Kill
A rather contradictory message that is wrote at the scene of a young woman's murder. Within days there's another body with the same calling card message. To the Detective Ramon Faust and Criminalist Kelly Garret , its clear a deadly game is going on. The rash of horrific crimes continue, a telephone call unearths a shocking revelation : Nakeita isn't the first City that the killer has left his mark. Dubbed as  "The Bloodletter" by the media, has played this deadly game before.
Delving into the most terrifying case of Kelly's career so far. The threatening phonecalls, and flashbacks of an almost forgotten near death experience challenge her sanity and the lives of everyone she loves.

Chasing Destiny by Linda Eble Swain
Rusty McCenery is beautiful and her magic is as strong as her beauty. The world where Rusty walks is a world where magic is commonplace. Rusty was content in her own world ..until...Ian McAlister, handsome and charming enters her life like a whirlwind. Ian undoes Rusty and then leaves her alone and heartbroken, until Alex Cameron teaches her to love once more .
Rusty is stalked by an ancient curse, will she remember before it is too late that the greatest magic of all is love?

Outside by Shalini Boland
This is a post-apocalyptic romance tale. The World in the future is separated by Perimeters that are high security gated communities , where life goes on as normal. if you're inside you are lucky, if you're outside your survival rate is not looking so good.
Riley is born on the inside, so lives a good privileged life, but it all comes crashing down around her when the perimeter is broken and her sister is murdered. Riley forsakes her safety and goes on a search for the killer. Luc decides to go with her , as if not, Riley wouldn't make it past the security gates. What awaits Riley on the Outside is more unbelievable than she could ever have imagined.

Fairy Circle by Johanna Frappier
Saffron Keller is a high school graduate but is terrified to leave her mother's yard. The creatures that aren't supposed to exist are why!
This book has Fairies, Vampires and Reincarnation too!

That's 24 books in the giveaway!!

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The Giveaway has now closed and has been drawn, the winners have been chosen randomly as have the Books that they have won using random.org.

The Winners & The Books They have Won Are Listed Below

Margaret   won   Raven by Suzy Turner (did not give valid email address or contact within time limit set)
Tich           won   Caged in Darkness by JD Stroube
Anaavu      won   Blackwood by Jayde Scott
Farida        won   Bloodletter by Angel Haze
Britney       won  Chasing Destiny by Linda Eble Swain
Katherine   won   Piercing through the Darkness by Emerald Barnes (again no valid email,or contact within set time)
Katy S         won  Fairy Circle by Johanna Frappier
Rea            won    Scorpio Rising by Monique Domovitch
Julie          won    Salt Bowl Death by Cypher Lx
Katherine   won   Legacies of Talimura War of The Witch by Angel Haze (as before no valid email or contact)
Dark Angel  won  Crossroads by Mary Ting
azstylyn      won   Coexist by Julia Crane
Rea             won   Hidden by Shalini Boland
Compgeek   won  Paranormal Doorway to the Triquetra by Lenore Wolfe
Darlene      won   Dark Warrior by Lenore Wolfe
Elizabeth     won  Beautiful Evil by Robbi Sommers Bryant
JBarrett       won  Outside by Shalini Boland
Darlene       won   Darkest Before Dawn   by Cypher Lx
Kim             won   A Job From Hell by Jayde Scott
Britney        won   The Bringer by Samantha Towle
Adva            won    Ruby And The Mix Games
Julie            won   Forever Sunshine by Collette Scott
Dawn           won   Nalia And The Potion maker 
Compgeek   won    Paradox The Angels Are Here

As I have said Katherine/tokra and Margaret had until 12 noon to contact me with a valid email address, they did not contact me by then so will redraw winners for those three books. The Three Books are Raven By Suzy Turner, Piercing Through The Darkness by Emerald Barnes and Legacies Of Talimura; War Of The Witch by Angel Haze.

So the "new" winners of the books are as follows drawn using random.org are,

Katy S  won Piercing Through The Darkness by Emerald Barnes (Emerald tells me Katy S already has her book so it will be given to the winner below Charlcie Ackarie!)
Charlcie Ackarie  won Raven by Suzy Turner
Annavu won Legacies Of Talimura; War Of The Witches

Also if you would like a chance to win another of these great books pop over to my friends blog http://afterthebook.blogspot.com/2011/08/100-followers-giveaway_04.html as she is running a similar giveaway and hers is still open to enter!
And checkout great giveaway http://in-interest.blogspot.com/2011/08/100-followers-giveaway.html?showComment=1314898870018#c6032108822158667095

Hope you all enjoy your books ladies and don't forget to enter for the ARC of Seers by Heather Frost and the Signed "Vision " Bookmark by Beth Harris (UK only)


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