Thursday 25 August 2011


The Hopeless Christiantic by David A. Santos

Das is a single Christian teenager.At high school Das tries to pursue love with a very attractive new girl who transferred mid year called Kristen but, he  faces lots of problems when his best friend, the biggest player in the school intervenes and pursues her as well. There are plenty of rumours going around the school about the new girl and they are not very nice rumours either. Who will win the new girls heart? The two young men battle it out for the love of the popular new girl. Then also there is Das's neighbour Stephanie who persuades him to speak to her sister. Stephanie basically wants Das to date her sister Jessica as she knows he is a good christian guy. What begins as a favour for Stephanie turns into blackmail when things start to go wrong with Das and Jessica. Will Das find his true love and which girl will he end up with, Kirsten or Jessica?
This book kind of reminded me of Aesops fables in that it had strong messages to deliver. It did come across as preaching quite a lot of the time. All the references to the different sections of the bible etc. Once you get past the religion/preaching the idea of the story itself was quite good, a beautiful new girl starts at school, all the boys are chasing her, then there's the inevitable rumours about the girl. Then there's Stephanie trying to fix her sister Jessica up with who she considers a nice boy. So who does Das end up with? Read this short tale 
to find out. I could imagine the tale/story being told in a bible study class, Sunday school or religious setting and doing really well.

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