Sunday 14 August 2011


Coexist by Julia Crane
Keegan is sixteen and is trying to keep a big secret from her friends....she is an elf and is descended from a long line of elves that live secretly among humans.
In elfin society mates are predetermined, however they are not allowed to meet until the are eighteen. against this tradition Keegan's brother Thaddeus has told her the name of her future mate. Thaddeus has visions and sees that Keegan will need the protection of Rourk her mate in the forthcoming war between the dark and the light elves.
Rourk is drawn to Keegan's side every time she is in need of protection, but he tries to stay in the background unseen. However a twist of fate pusshes them both together and Rourk is forced out into making his presence known to protect Keegan.
An ancient prophecy entwines around Keegan's family and the future of society. Can they thwart fate and win the war without losing Keegan? With a war and dark forces looming can Keegan and Rourk have the life together that they both wish for?

First of all I have to say I read the book in two sessions at night before I went to sleep. I found it quite a nice, relaxing read, that I could sit back and enjoy. Observing the happy family life Keegan had. Of course I was more on the edge of my seat for the Great Battle. There were some really good twists in there too, you found out certain people were also paranormal and you would not have guessed it.....well perhaps with one character. There is also a hidden moral in there too, that we all have to coexist, so why not try to get on. It is cleverly delivered and not in a preaching kind of way. The book is more aimed to the YA/Teen market but as you will see from my profile information I am certainly no teen but I still really enjoyed this book. it really flowed, not sure how else to describe it other than to say it was written in a way that led you through the story, it wasn't taxing in any way. Yes you get attached to the characters too, you feel Keegan's need to see Rourk. You feel the frustration of Rourk watching Keegan from distance and his jealousy when she talks to boys at school. The description of the places they see is so detailed and well done you can almost see them yourself.I think the title is perfect for the book as is the cover. I won't explain why the title is perfect as it would mean giving away the plot. Am looking forward to reading more of the series.

Available at, £2.14, and Barnes & Noble.

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  1. I read the book in a day and I enjoyed it a lot. I was intrigued before I started reading the book because elves is something new for me. I am also a romance junkie so both are a plus! All in all, it was worth the time. :)