Sunday 14 August 2011


Ghost Town by Rachel Caine is book nine of the Morganville Vampire series.
This book finds Claire working on a system that would maintain Morganville's defenses. Whilst doing this she discovers a way to amplify Vampire mental power. However the new upgrades have a scary side effect, as everyone starts to forget who they are......even the vampires.Soon the whole town is involved in the memory loss epidemic. Can Claire sort it all out? Can Claire remember who she is herself long enough to remember and know what to do to fix the situation.
I have to admit that in a series there is usually one or maybe two books you aren't as keen on and this one was my worst of this series. it seemed to go really slow...and dragged its feet so to speak. i am however glad I persevered with it as it obviously sets the scene for the next book.

Available, £3.74 paperback £3.98 kindle. £3.79 and £3.73

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