Monday 22 August 2011


Seers is the debut novel of Heather Frost. This book is out to buy on 03/10/11. There is a blog tour to promote this book running from 1/09/11 to the 23/09/11. I will be interviewing Heather Frost on this very blog 01/09/11.

After surviving a car crash that killed her parents Kate has to face big changes in her life. Bigger than anyone could imagine or begin to understand. Since the accident Kate has been able to see Aura's, she tried to explain in hospital, but it seemed like everyone thought she was going mad. So Kate kept quiet about it, and now only her best friend knows what Kate see's. Kate had just about got used to seeing the aura's when she starts seeing people no one else can see! A new bot has arrived at school too called Patrick. Patrick has the same silver aura that the  "invisible to others" people have. What does it mean? Why does she feel so edgy and uncomfortable around Patrick? Who are the "invisible" people? What does it all mean? Why her?

Wow what a brilliant book. This book has two guardians, Patrick and Toni, who really are not the typical image you would have for a guardian angel. I loved the descriptions in this book and the concept of a choice when you die, you can go to heaven and be the "perfect" age of 25 forever with your loved ones that have passed before you. Or you can become a guardian and remain the age you were when you died and watch over all those humans on earth. I also loved the idea of when children die young that they stay that same age until there parents are with them, then the parents get to bring them up in heaven. What a heart string tugging concept, I certainly got a lump in my throat when I read that part. There also are hidden moral messages in the book if you choose to see them. For example when Patrick, and Kate and Lee sit with the "Special Ed Kids" on there usually isolated table. The way the Special Ed kids interact with Kate and the simpler outlook on life these kids have which Kate can see from their auras. I think the hidden moral there is don't ignore or write them off just because the appear different. As the book progresses poor Kate is trying to lead two lives and keep them as separate as she can, on one life she has Aaron, her grandparents, and her sisters. Kate finds it difficult to lie to her grandparents, especially her grandfather who seems to be able to read her feelings and moods so well. The other life she is leading is the one she is drawn into whether she wishes it or not with Patrick and Toni. There really is so much going on as well as everything else Kate comes to a difficult conclusion that the feelings she has for Aaron are no longer the love she used to feel for him. I found the book quite fast paced in places but it was still easy to follow. The way it swaps and is told from Kates point of view and then Patrick's point of view is really good too because you are able to get their individual reactions to the same situations. Finally the epilogue at the end is genius as it sets the scene for a book two and really makes you want to read more. So when is book two out? 

Available from, £9.47 and £7.73

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