Monday 22 August 2011


No Small Thing by Keith Latch was read and has been reviewed by my mum, Ena.

Kate has a past she wishes she could forget. So Kate leaves the big city in an effort to put it all behind her. Kate is a former astronomer, she has moved home to an ailing mother and a simpler life.
Jeremy has demons in his past. The demons prevent him from getting close to another woman. As a well known and respected cardiologist, he keeps busy enough to forget that he is alone. Jeremy has no time for love, therefore no time to get hurt, right?
 Is it possible for Kate and Jeremy to bury their painful pasts and move on, together? Will the people in their lives be happy for them or will they stop at nothing to tear their love apart. Because in the end, they find love is a thing, a thing with both substance and form. But make no mistake: love is no small thing.
I did manage to finish this book even though in parts I felt like giving up because the pace of it was so slow. It also seemed to jump about a lot within the story. So although I found the story okay I don't feel I could recommend it.

Available, £Free on kindle at the moment. 

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