Sunday 14 August 2011


Midnight Alley by Rachel Caine is the third in the ever increasingly addictive Morganville Vampire Series.
Things are relatively safe in Morganville as there is a truce in place between the living and the dead that live there.
Will things change? Now people are turning up dead. A more personal problem for Claire is she has a psycho stalking her. Claire is also been privately mentored by one of the very bloodsuckers she fears. Claire has now got protection too from one of the most powerful vampires in Morganville, but what will she have to do in return?
Well more mysteries to solve, and Claire seems to be getting herself in deeper and deeper with the Morganville Vampires. To the point she wonders if she could actually leave Morganville if she wanted to? of course the genius in her is flattered and looks forward to her lessons with the ancient bloodsucker that volunteered to teach her, but does she trust him with her life? He's so old will he forget she is his pupil and drain her for lunch?

Available at, £4.19 paperback and £3.98 on kindle, £4.49 and £4.18

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