Monday 29 August 2011


Shadow Kiss is number three in the Vampire Academy.

Is it really Rose's fate to kill the person she truly loves the most? It is close to graduation at St Vladimirs Academy , and it's also springtime. Since the death of  Mason, Rose hasn't been feeling quite right. Rose has dark flashbacks in the middle of practice, she can't concentrate in class, and has terrifying dreams about Lissa. Rose has an even bigger secret .... She's hopelessly in love with Dimitri. This time, it's way more than a crush, its love. The Strigoi target the academy in the most deadly attack in Moroi history, and Dimitri is taken. Rose knows she must protect Lissa at all costs, but keeping her best friend safe may mean losing Dimitri forever. 
Another great action packed novel. This time we know that Rose has seriously fallen for Dimitri, what will happen when he is taken by the Strigoi? Rose continues to protect her best friend Lissa in this book. Again I enjoyed the story, it ended on a bit of a cliff hanger so I can hardly wait for the next book!!
Well written , well described people and places. brilliant book series by a brilliant author!

Available from, £4.26 paperback £3.49 on kindle, £4.29 Bookdepository £5.00

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