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In The Bizarre Baby Name Book, author K. A. Shaw helps you avoid baby-naming disasters. Brutally honest and absolutely comedic, she provides a guiding light for choosing a great name for your child. She wrote The Bizarre Baby Name Book to help you choose wisely.

Title: The Bizarre Baby Name Book
Author: K.A. Shaw
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Release Date: 7th July 2015

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Are you an expectant mother uncertain of what to name your new baby?

Unable to make a choice after reading thousands of names?

Hate the name your spouse or parents insist you must name your child?

The Bizarre Baby Name Book will help you keep your child from a lifetime of pain. After all, great parenting starts before a child is born.

Crazy baby names are the latest craze. Celebrities are leading the fad. But as your mother always warned, just because your friends want to jump off the bridge…

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I fancied a fairly light and maybe humorous read and from the description this book sounded like it would fit the bill. I also wanted a short read for a change, which I think this one will be. 

I was asked to review this book by the author. I agreed and was supplied with an e-book copy free in exchange for an honest review.
The cover is a shade of pink and has the title of the book on a name plate style banner. Above the banner and title is what I would describe as a cute little ladybird baby, with it's arms open wide kind of welcoming the reader to the book. Would the cover make me pick up this book in a book store? I think it would if I was specifically looking for a baby name book perhaps for a friend or family member. Would I go on to buy it? I'm not totally sure I guess it would depend on who the person was the book was intended for. As an inexpensive funny read gift? possibly.
I imagined the book would have a list of names and perhaps feature the children of celebrities that have more unusual names within it. So what was it like, well to begin with I think I should say that I sort of found it to be aimed more at an American audience, with the names listed. To be honest the book was a really short read, that mostly consisted of lists of names, mostly girls names. Yes there was also some of the names listed with their meanings to which were interesting. There was the don't use two names to make a new one for your child examples too.
I don't know what else to say about the book, it did have a list of names in it, but it wasn't what I thought it would be. I expected a lot more names with their meanings. The book was okay perhaps I had overly high expectations. I think the book could have been even better.
So did I enjoy the book? Yes it was an okay read, in fact I read it in just one reading session.  Would I recommend the book? Hmm, that's a difficult one. As I wouldn't recommend it as a serious book buy for real ideas to call your child. However I would recommend this book for anyone wanting to purchase a funny gift for a friend who is pregnant and needs a laugh/cheering up. Would I read other baby names books? I have read other baby name books, more serious one's with list upon list of names their origins and their meanings as well as alternatives and adaptations. 
Would I read another book by this author? I would check out the individual book blurb to decide if I wanted to read and review a book by this author.



What is your name, where were you born and where do you live now?
K. Alex, Born in Iowa City, IA and Las Vegas, NV

Did you always want to be a writer? If not what did you want to be?
I have been writing since I was a kid. I don't think I every articulated that I wanted to be a writer, I just am. I started writing in a diary then poetry. I wrote my first novel the summer after I dropped out from college, but I will not ever let anyone read it. I've freelanced for all types of writing gigs. In 2010, I began songwriting.

When did you first consider yourself as a "writer"?
I didn't consider myself a writer until I began songwriting.

Do you work another job as well as your writing work?

What can we expect from you in the future?
A few more little books of sarcasm and humor. Eventually, I write a novel people will want to read.

How long have you been writing?, and who or what inspired you to write?
I have been writing since I was a kid, maybe 8, 9 or 10. I used toe in love with reading so it came naturally to want to write my own stories. I think I felt I could improve on some of things I read and I've always had something to say - I'm a talker.

What are you currently reading? Are you enjoying it? What format is it?(ebook, hardback or paperback)
Paperback: Gods of Color by C. H. Baum
It is not my normal genre but my friend is an owner of a bookstore suggested that I read it. I do enjoy reading outside of my norm but I find myself critiquing him quite a bit. It's an easy read and interesting story.

Do you think ebooks will ever totally replace printed books?
Hell no. Not for me. I pride myself on showing off how many books I've read. "I have many leather bound books. My home smells of rich mahogany leather" -Ron Burgundy

Do you have a favourite genre of book?
I love autobiographies about historical women and fiction written in first person of a woman's experience of conquering obstacles.

If you could invite three favourite writers to dinner, who would you invite and enjoy chatting with?
Eric Jerome Dickey - I actually just invited him to dinner and hope he shows. I would also invite Mindy Kaling and J.K. Rowling.

Where can readers follow you?
Goodreads author page:
Amazon: I won't know it until July 7
Pinterest: kalexshaw/

This Or That  

Which do you prefer? . . .

Paperback or E-book? 

Read a book once/Re read books more than once? 

Books or Movies? 

Action, Drama, Mystery, Romance? 
Dramatic Romance

Library or New books from a bookstore? 
New books

Morning or Evening? 

Early Nights or Late Nights? 
Late Nights

Shower or Bath? 

Optimist or Pessimist? 

Coffee ot Tea? 

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? 

Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate? 
Dark chocolate

Mild Cheeses, Medium Cheeses or Strong Cheeses? 
Strong cheeses

Flat Heeled Shoes, Medium Heeled Shoes or High Heeled Shoes? 
High Heeled Shoes

Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes or Green Eyes? 
Brown Eyes

Long Hair or Short Hair? 
Long Hair

Bitten Nails, Natural Nails, or Nail Enhancements (ie false nails)? 
Natural nails

Wine, Beer, Soft Drink? 


Title: The Illusions Of Eventide
Series: House Of Crimson and Clover
Author: Sarah M. Cradit
Genre: Gothic, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
Release Date: 7th December 2013

BLURB from Goodreads
Nicolas Deschanel was betrayed by the only two people who matter to him. Their disloyalty stung and an overwhelming sense of loss lingers. Nicolas has lived the high life professing to not have a care in the world, and now this illusion is calling his bluff.
Determined to take control of an existence now devoid of purpose, he sojourns to his family's holiday home on the Gulf of Mexico. Resolved more than depressed, he plans to privately say goodbye to a world which no longer needs him. Of questionable fortune, he finds a woman, Mercy, sitting alone on the shore at eventide. Nicolas is conflicted between an obligation to help, and annoyance at her intrusion.
Mercy has many layers of secrets. Deepest of all, she cannot tell this Child of Man she is thousands of years old and very powerful. In her presence, Nicolas’ own dormant powers begin to surface, triggering a sequence of events that cause both of their lives to spiral further out of control. When old friends from both sides come to help, together they all learn a painful truth: new life can only begin once you’ve set free what means the most.


Sarah is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Paranormal Southern Gothic series, The House of Crimson & Clover, born of her combined passion for New Orleans, and the mysterious complexity of human nature. Her work has been described as rich, emotive, and highly dimensional.

An unabashed geek, Sarah enjoys studying obscure subjects like the Plantagenet and Ptolemaic dynasties, and settling debates on provocative Tolkien topics such as why the Great Eagles are not Gandalf's personal taxi service. Passionate about travel, Sarah has visited over twenty countries collecting sparks of inspiration (though New Orleans is where her heart rests). She's a self-professed expert at crafting original songs to sing to her very patient pets, and a seasoned professional at finding ways to humiliate herself (bonus points if it happens in public). When at home in Oregon, her husband and best friend, James, is very kind about indulging her love of fast German cars and expensive lattes.

Connect with Sarah:

Official Website:
Twitter: @thewritersarah


Title: Finding You
Series: Love Wanted In Texas
Author: Kelly Elliott
Publisher: Inkslinger PR
Release Date: 8th September 2015

BLURB supplied by Inkslinger PR
If Grace Johnson knew one thing at all, it was that all men were dirtbags. 

All men … except Noah Bennet.

“I was lost in his eyes. Lost in his tears. My goal was to pull him out of the darkness … even if it dragged me in as well.” 

If Noah Bennet knew one thing at all, it was he needed Grace Johnson. 

Needed her … desperately.

“My pain was pulling me under … she was my only saving grace.” 

Grace is willing to put everything on the line to help bring back the man she is hopelessly in love with. Even if it costs her the future she’s been longing for. 

“If finding you means losing a part of me … I’ll do it.”


Kelly Elliott is married to a wonderful Texas cowboy who has a knack for making her laugh almost daily and supports her crazy ideas and dreams for some unknown reason...he claims it's because he loves her! 
She’s also a mom to an amazing daughter who is constantly asking for something to eat while her fingers move like mad on her cell phone sending out what is sure to be another very important text message.
In her spare time she loves to sit in her small corner overlooking the Texas hill country and write.
One of her favorite things to do is go for hikes around her property with Gus....her chocolate lab and the other man in her life, and Rose, her golden retriever. When Kelly is not outside helping the hubby haul brush, move rocks or whatever fun chore he has in store for her that day, you’ll find her inside reading, writing or watching HGTV.

Twitter: @author_kelly

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Title: Ringmaster's Masquerade Bks#1, #2, & #3
Series: Ringmaster's Masquerade
Author: Sarah J Pepper
Release Date: 30th July 2015

Secrets can kill. I know theirs. They created us. But they can't control him.

BLURB supplied by Author
The Ringer's Masquerade features all three full length novels in the series. 
Devil's Lullaby, Death's Melody and Angel's Requiem. 
Sebastian's world is laced with inconvenient truths; mine is saturated with sweet, beautiful lies. He promises me nothing of a happy ending. Even so, the demonic spawn with an angelic voice derails my only reason for existence, but still I can’t tear my gaze away from him. His haunting stare penetrates my very being, revealing my secrets, fears, and desires. My name rolls off his tongue, tempting me to take exactly what I hungered for. Him. My curiosity will certainly be my undoing—but then again, death is inevitable….For he reveals the Ringer's most guarded secrets—secrets they kill to keep.




Title: Devil's Lullaby
Series: The Ringer's Masquerade
Author: Sarah J. Pepper
Release Date: 15th May 2013

BLURB from Goodreads
The countdown to my death has begun... Created by the unorthodox hospital known as the Ringer, Catherine's fated to die on her next birthday. As a soulless spawn, her only purpose for existence is to be the perfect organ donor for her terminal progenitor. Although they have never met, an unexplainable bond ties their lives together forever. Catherine waits patiently for death, until Sebastian gives her a taste of something more, something worth fighting for. The uncontrollable, consuming passion they share begins to grow dangerous as he reveals the Ringer's most guarded secrets - secrets they'd kill to keep.




Title: Death's Melody
Series: The Ringer's Masquerade
Author: Sarah J. Pepper
Release Date: 15th May 2013

BLURB from Goodreads
A fate worse than death…
All of Catherine’s dreams ended with her progenitor’s sacrifice and the loss of her beloved. Surrounded by a scornful family and friendships built upon lies, she’s never felt more alone. The Ringer denies her plea to be an organ donor yet monitors her relentlessly. She is unable to live a life free of the hospital’s control. Her future unravels as disturbing questions arise and hidden lies surface. However,what’s even more troubling than the Ringer’s dangerous secrets are the torturous punishments they deliver to those who defy them.

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Title: Death's Melody
Series: The Ringer's Masquerade
Author: Sarah J. Pepper
Release Date: 15th May 2013

BLURB from Goodreads
What was a life worth? It couldn't be measure as currency or in time, yet it was priceless. The man I loved saved his brother’s life by giving his own. Countless others benefited from his death when his organs were harvested. The recipients still had their dreams. Their families were not torn apart because of disease. His life was measured by the number of breaths each recipient took. Closing my eyes, I could still hear his voice, encouraging me to be strong. 
"The Ringer created miracles," I said. My voice wavered. The pain harbored in my broken soul threatened to stop me from speaking the truth, as I saw it. “They gave me my best friend…and then they killed him."

Abide by the Ringer’s masquerade or suffer the consequences…

Renowned as the Ringer’s medical miracle and a politician’s daughter, Catherine is pulled into a bureaucratic conflict. Battle lines are clearly drawn. Sebastian firmly believes the truth must be told, while James relentlessly promotes the hospital’s practices. She must choose to speak her voice and unveil the Ringer’s wickedness, or play by their rules to insure nothing unfortunate happens to her loved ones. The Ringer might not kill her, but they threaten to tear her life apart, one spawn at a time.

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Sarah J. Pepper specializes in dark, paranormal romance - think "happy ever after" but with a twisted, dark chocolate center. Real-life romance isn't only filled with hugs, kisses, 
bunnies, and rainbows. True-love can be more thoroughly described in times of darkness and tribulation. It's in those harsh moments where you see what a person is truly capable of - both the good and bad. Sometimes prince-charming isn't always on time, and the glass slipper is a little snug. However, it doesn't mean Charming is not Mr. Right, and who says every shoe is the perfect fit?