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Title: The Art Of Pretending
Series: The Art Of Fine Pretending
Author: Rachel Harris
Publisher: Spencer Hill Contemporary
Release Date: 30th September 2014

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According to the guys at Fairfield Academy, there are two types of girls: the kind you hook up with, and the kind you're friends with. Seventeen-year-old Alyssa Reed is the second type. And she hates it. With just one year left to change her rank, she devises a plan to become the first type by homecoming, and she sets her sights on the perfect date—Justin Carter, Fairfield Academy’s biggest hottie and most notorious player.

With 57 days until the dance, Aly launches Operation Sex Appeal and sheds her tomboy image. The only thing left is for Justin actually to notice her. Enter best friend Brandon Taylor, the school’s second biggest hottie, and now Aly’s pretend boyfriend. With his help, elevating from “funny friend” to “tempting vixen” is only a matter of time.

But when everything goes according to plan, the inevitable “break up” leaves their friendship in shambles, and Aly and Brandon with feelings they can’t explain. And the fake couple discovers pretending can sometimes cost you the one thing you never expected to want.



An exhale of breath leaves Brandon’s lips, almost like a laugh, and he scoots closer to me on the blanket. I twist my legs under myself, sitting tall as I face him. He cups my chin and tilts it toward him, drowning me in the now dark-green depths of his eyes, the cologne I gave him for his birthday filling my head. It’s woodsy and yummy and I always loved how it smelled on the store testers, but on Brandon, it’s even sexier. My eyes flutter closed, and I inhale again, this time slowly. Goose bumps prickle my arms, and my head gets fuzzy.
Brandon slides his hand down the column of my neck and brings the other up, threading his fingers through the hair at my nape. His breath fans across my cheek, and everything south of my bellybutton squeezes tight. 
When his mouth first meets mine, it’s hesitant, questioning. But as I move my lips with his, he quickly grows bolder, coaxing them apart.
Desire, pure and raw, electrifies my veins as his tongue sweeps my mouth. A whimpering sound springs from my chest, and instinctively, I wrap my arms around his neck, tugging him closer. Needing more. My teeth graze his full bottom lip, and I pull it, sucking on it gently.
He moans and knots his fingers in my hair, and a thrill dances down my back.
Brandon is an amazing kisser, just as I knew he would be. I have no control over my body’s reactions. I lose myself in his lips, his tongue, and his strong arms, forgetting time and space and even my surroundings—until Gabi’s snicker brings reality crashing around us, reminding me we have an audience.
And that I’m kissing Brandon.
We break apart, out of breath, and stare into each other’s eyes.
That was unexpected. 


Award-winning and Bestselling author Rachel Harris writes humorous love stories about sassy girls next door and the hot guys that make them swoon. Emotion, vibrant settings, and strong relationships are a staple in each of her books...and kissing. Lots of kissing. 

An admitted Diet Mountain Dew addict and homeschool mom, she gets through each day by laughing at herself, hugging her kids, and watching way too much Food Network with her husband. She writes young adult, new adult, and adult romance, and LOVES talking with readers. 


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Title: A Little Like Fate
Author: Cheyanne Young
Publisher: 336 Love
Release Date: 1st October 2014

BLURB supplied by Itching For Books
Part 1 
Robin Carter made a promise to her grandfather on his deathbed: to stop killing herself climbing up the corporate ladder and to follow her heart- wherever it may lead. Her plan is to quit her life and hit the road in the middle of the night. When her knocked up teenage niece begs to come along, the pair find themselves stranded in the middle-of-nowhere Texas. Too much alcohol and one redneck festival later, she’s starting to regret everything until she trips over a handsome cowboy named Tyler. Whether it’s the alcohol or his sexy southern voice that sways her, she doesn’t know. But she’s going to find out. 

Part 2 Robin and her niece Miranda have decided to stay in the tiny but friendly town of Salt Gap, Texas while they figure out what to do with their lives. With only a picture to go by, Robin goes on a scavenger hunt through town trying to discover the link between her late grandfather and coincidence that brought her to the same place. 

She’s still afraid of relationships, so when the hot cowboy Tyler starts to get a little too friendly, she’s more than happy to spot all the red flags she can find to help her avoid liking him. Like the waitress Elizabeth and her weirdly close relationship with Tyler. But as Miranda is quick to point out, they’re on a journey guided by fate and that can only mean one thing – if she’s meant to find love in Salt Gap, it will happen with or without her permission. 

Part 3 
With Tyler’s help, Robin discovers the secrets of her Grandfather’s past and learns what it means to be a part of the community at Salt Gap. Miranda’s baby is due soon and with the holidays around the corner, Robin and her niece are forced to confront the people and the drama they left behind when they moved. 

When everything starts to fall apart, the guys in their new life help pick up the pieces of their old one and put everything back in place.


My cell phone rings at an ungodly hour in the morning. I roll over on my air mattress and grab the phone off the floor, yanking it from the charger. It’s a phone number I don’t recognize. Oh, and it’s six in the evening. Not such an ungodly hour after all.
“Hello?” I ask, not knowing what to expect.
“Hey there.” It’s way better than anything I could have expected. It’s Tyler.
“Hey. My rent check’s not late, is it?” I say it in jest, but in reality I’m not even sure what day it is. Every day blurs into the next one when you’re jobless. Although I’m pretty sure we’ve only been here a week.
“I didn’t call for business.” His voice has a playful tone to it that sends a shiver down my spine. I roll over in bed and close my eyes.
“Then why did you call?”
“You want to get a drink tonight? Pop-a-Top?”
“What is Pop-a-Top?” I ask. I try to sound like I don’t care what it is or what he’s asking, but I can hardly breathe without hyperventilating. Is he asking me out? There’s no way he’s asking me out.
“It’s the only bar in town that’s decent enough to take a woman. I know I could use a drink and since you don’t know anyone in town, I thought maybe you could come along.”
“Ah, okay,” I say with my eyes still closed. I’m trying to picture Tyler’s chiseled tan face but all I see is the back of my eyelids. It’s definitely not a date offer, though. Just a feeling-sorry-for-the-new-girl kind of thing. I sit up in bed and rub my eyes in an effort to wake up. I’m not a charity case. “No, thanks. I’m good.”
The other end of the phone is silent for a few seconds. My mouth opens, but I feel kind of stupid asking if he’s still there, so I don’t say anything. With the terrible reception in this town, maybe he isn’t there anymore.
He clears this throat. “Well…okay then.”
I swallow and try not to think about how his voice sounded a like a mixture between bitter and disappointed. It doesn’t matter what he thinks. It’s not like I’m trying to impress him. I smile so it shows in my voice when I say, “Thanks anyway. I’m not much of a drinker.”
“You don’t have to drink. You could come just for the scenic view.”
“There’s scenic views in Salt Gap?” I ask. It sounds sarcastic but I’m being serious.
He laughs. “Okay maybe that was a lie. Does seeing Big Large’s butt crack when he bends over to play pool count?”
I know he’s just being friendly and it would probably help me to get out of the house, but I’m not dressed and I don’t know anyone besides Tyler. As much as the hairs on the back of my neck are tingling with the idea of going out with him tonight, I grip the phone tightly to my ear and say, “Thanks for the offer, seriously, but I can’t tonight.”
“I’d like to know what’s so important that you can’t skip re-watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory to come have some fun on the town.”
I roll my eyes and glance around my messy bedroom. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”
Tyler’s voice turns coy. “I’m about to find out.”
A bright beam of light appears in my bedroom window, scanning like a set of spotlights across my entire room as a car turns onto my street. No—I realize with a cold shock of terror—not onto my street, but into my driveway. I shoot out of bed and grab the first shirt I find, an old Texas A&M T-shirt that’s entirely too big, and throw it on over my sports bra.
I take one look at my hair in the mirror above my dresser and realize there’s no reason to bother trying to rake my fingers through it—I’ve got one bad case of bed hair.


Cheyanne is a native Texan with a fear of cold weather and a coffee addiction that probably needs an intervention. She loves books, sarcasm, nail polish and paid holidays. She lives near the beach with her family, one spoiled rotten puppy and a cat who is most likely plotting to take over the world.  

She also writes under the pen name Amy Sparling.



Title: The Land Of The Shadow
Series: The End Of All Things
Author: Lissa Bryan
Genre: Dystopia
Publisher: The Writer's Coffee Shop
Release Date: 21st August 2014

BLURB from Goodreads
In the highly anticipated stand-alone sequel to The End of All Things, Lissa Bryan returns readers to a world devastated by disease, and the breakdown of modern society.

Two years after a horrific virus swept the globe, decimating the world’s population, Carly Daniels and her husband, Justin, have made a safe home in the isolated southern town of Colby. Protected by fences and a vigilant population, the residents there had somehow managed to keep the Infection out. Until the sight of Carly and Justin’s healthy baby girl convinced them it was safe to allow Outsiders in.

Now, in the wake of fresh losses, the small band of survivors struggles to rebuild a community. With only nineteenth-century technology to aid them, they must learn skills long forgotten to provide for their basic needs. Each day brings new challenges, and every choice they make affects their long-term survival. While Carly and Justin adjust to a growing family, and to their roles as community leaders, they must rely on one another for strength and support when they face difficult questions.

Carly has to decide how to move forward in a world where equality, justice, and freedom from tyranny are no longer guaranteed. And when new threats emerge, she has to decide what she is willing to do—and how far she’s willing to go—to protect what she has worked so hard to build.

As dystopia/post apocalyptic are my favourite genres I was already really looking forward to this book. I was also impatient to be finding out how the characters of Carly, Justin and Dagny were doing. Were they succeeding in re-creating a little community? I also wondered if we would learn anymore about how the virus.

I received an e-copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. The cover of the book is quite dark but then that represents the times that Justin, Carly, Dagny, Kaden and the other characters are living in. The cover does fit in with the covers of the rest of the series so far.
So Carly, Justin and their daughter Dagny are still living in Colby, with the rest of its survivors. Kaden is now living with Carly & Justin as they have more or less "adopted him". Kaden dotes on Dagny and really does love Carly & Justin as though they are his parents.
There is the danger of those that survived the virus but still wander around in a zombie like state, and of course there are survivors that want to take what the Colby community have worked so hard to develop. The community of Colby are very careful who they allow to stay and join them. 
Life seems to be struggling along in Colby, and people begin to relax somewhat until a new gang of "survivors" are found whilst out on a routine search to try and find out what happened to a stolen/missing hen. This new band of survivors is made up of mostly men and they seem to have taken some of the "zombies" prisoner and are using them like slaves. Unlike the community of Colby this group of survivors have no conscious and have no qualms about taking what belongs to others. As always Justin's instincts are proven right when the leader of the gang, Marcus, begins showing interest in Colby and what they have. A decision will have to be made soon, should Colby fight to protect what they have created or allow others to come in and take over? Justin as always has a lot on his mind and there is still other environmental danger all around, from illnesses which were quite easily treated and cured in the "before" when medication was in plentiful supply, so when Carly is taken ill, everyone fears the worst including Carly. Carly makes Justin promise to make sure to tell Dagny about her and have father/daughter time, she also insists on herself being quarantined. Justin is so torn, he feels he should be doing his usual jobs/leadership role, be out finding possible medication for Carly and the community and yet he hates to leave Carly's side whilst she is so ill. 
It is one of the new additions to Colby, Pearl that ends up scavenging and searching for the much needed medical supplies. Pearl is one of the characters that we met in "Tales From The End", also now in Colby are Mark, Stacy and the two children they found along their way Veronica and Michael.
So that's just a few of the quandaries and struggles the characters in this book have to deal with. From large outside threats such as Marcus and his gang, and more trivial inner community disagreements over whether to kill the hens for meat or keep them for eggs. 
Sadly the environment and soil are yet to recover enough for the planting and food supplies to thrive and provide enough for everyone within Colby, so food is still somewhat rationed.
This book is so well written and descriptive you feel as though you are there and are part of all the angst and action! I really enjoyed reading this one. I felt frustrated at the end, as something is left as a whopper of a cliff hanger, and I was screaming in my head "Oh nooo Lissa, you really can not leave things right there" but she did! and it is going to feel like another long, long wait for me until the next book is available. This book have some really cosy feeling scenes in them. I love the scenes involving Carly, Justin, Kaden and Dagny. I like that Lissa includes those smaller family things like Justin calling Dagny, "Daggers" for short. Justin can be a tough, hard headed military man one minutes and a soft slushy mess over his wife and family the next. This installment in "The End Of All Things" Series is really packed full, it has action, drama, betrayal on a community level as well as on a personal character level. We know that Carly is doing what she wanted in re-creating a community for her and her family, you sense and do understand how important this is to Carly. I think Justin would be happy with only his little family but, understands Carly's need and is more than willing to comply and try to make her new dream life become as true as is possible in this new world. Though within this book Carly does have the odd wobble of faith/hope in her ideas and wonders if anything can ever become any shade of normal again. You do empathize with how she feels. At times it feels like the community of Colby takes a couple of developments forward only to fall further behind in other things. 
I could really visualise this book series being made into a brilliant film. (As long as they would stick to how Lissa has written the book of course).
So did I enjoy the book? Loved it. Would I recommend the book? I'd highly recommend the whole series so far. Would I read another book in this series? Yesss please!  Would I read other books by this author? I think so yes.


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   The highly anticipated spin-off series of 
THE POSSE is finally here!

Title: The Last One
Author: Tawdra Kandle
Publisher: Hayson Publishing
Release Date: 28th September 2014

BLURB supplied by Hayson Publishing
Meghan Hawthorne is restless. The last year has been a roller coaster: her widowed mother just married a long-time family friend. Her younger brother unexpectedly became a father and a husband. Everyone's life is changing. . .except for hers. As she begins her final summer of college, Meghan's looking for excitement and maybe a little romance. Nothing serious; this girl just wants to have fun. 

But the only man for Meghan turns out to be the last one she expects.

Sam Reynolds doesn't need excitement, and he doesn't want romance. Fun is out of the question. He's been the steady, responsible one since his parents were killed, and serious is his way of life.

When Sam rescues Meghan alongside a dark Georgia backroad, she falls hard for his deep brown eyes and slow drawl. But making him see her as more than just a party girl won't be easy. Sam's tempted by the fiery young artist, even as he realizes that giving into his feelings will mean radical change. . .maybe more than he can handle.

Nobody ever said love was simple.


"As an almost strictly paranormal romance reader, it takes a certain type of author to convince me to dive into straight romance. Tawdra Kandle is one of the few authors I will make an exception for. Her writing style is so easy and relaxing that I have to really keep an eye on the time or I’ll stay up all night to finish one of her books." Carrie Williams, Goodreads Reviewer "Wow. Talk about romance with an edge. From the beginning the characters were so real that I was completely invested in them. The sexual tension woven into the story added so much value to the relationships. I will be reading this book many times just so I can spend more time with Meghan and Sam." Cheryl Garrett, Goodreads Reviewer "I'm in love with this book!!" Leah Fennick, Goodreads Reviewer.



TK03 Tawdra Kandle writes romance, in just about all its forms. She loves unlikely pairings, strong women, sexy guys, hot love scenes and just enough conflict to make it interesting. Her books run from YA paranormal romance (THE KING SERIES), through NA paranormal and contemporary romance (THE SERENDIPITY DUET, PERFECT DISH DUO, THE ONE TRILOGY) to adult contemporary and paramystery romance (CRYSTAL COVE BOOKS and RECIPE FOR DEATH SERIES). She lives in central Florida with a husband, kids, sweet pup and too many cats. And yeah, she rocks purple hair. Follow Tawdra on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram Visit her Website and subscribe to her Newsletter for special content and giveaways!


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Welcome to my new way of presenting "What I Am Reading Now" 
in a meme style rather than a different page!

Title: Otherworld Nights
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Publisher: Orbit
Release Date: 7th October 2014

BLURB from Goodreads
This short story collection will include many brand-new tales and others only previously available on Kelley Armstrong's website. Most of the stories will feature the werewolves of the Otherworld, Elena and Clay, Jeremy, Karl and other members of the American Pack. These are some of Kelley Armstrong's best-loved and most enduring characters, from bestselling books such as BittenStolen and Frostbitten.

1Demonology - Adam's mother discovers what he is
2Stalked - Clay/Elena honeymoon story from "My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon"
3Hidden - SubPress 2012 Elena/Clay novella
4Twilight - a Cass story from "Many Bloody Returns"
5Chivalrous - Reese's backstory from SubPress's long sold-out "Tales of Dark Fantasy 2" (the Dec'14 SubPress graphic novella picks up this storyline)
6Lucifer's Daughter - Hope/Karl story from "Blood Lite II: Overbite"
7From Russia with Love - Elena bonus story included with hardcover of "Thirteen"
8Vanishing Act - brand-new Savannah/Adam novella set after "Thirteen"

I have to admit that I am really looking forward to reading this collection of novella's as this series of books is one of my all time favourites! So far I have I've read up to and including book 10. I have also read some of the novella's that Kelley has featured on her website for free, so I think maybe I will have read one or two of these novella's already but am highly anticipating discovering and loving the ones I haven't read and re-reading the one's I have.

How much have I read?


Title: Surrender The Sky
Author: Meradeth Houston
Publisher: Muse It Up 
Release Date: May 2014

BLURB from Goodreads
Gabby lives by two unbreakable rules: don’t expose her kind, the Sary, and don’t fall in love—too bad some rules are made to be broken.

When Gabby’s most difficult charge accidentally shoots her in front of a class full of students, the event exposes her carefully hidden identity. She shifts from looking like a normal teen to her secret Sary form, revealing her wings and the existence of her kind—immortals who try to keep people from committing suicide. Her incident attracts the attention of the next leader of the Sary, Jassen, who offers her an impossible bargain: she can keep her wings if she makes amends with those who know the truth. Things get more complicated when a rebel Sary, intent on exposing them to the world, starts interfering with Gabby’s work. And there’s no denying her attraction to Jassen, who is torn between his duties and his heart. With threats at every turn and her immortality on the line, Gabby has to find a way to save the Sary or surrender the sky forever.

As I have already read Colors Like Memories and Chemistry Of Fate, two other Sary stories by Meradeth Houston I am really looking forward to reading another great Sary story. What will the main character Sary in this book be like?" What lessons will this Sary learn and/or help will be given to the Sary's charge? I really enjoyed the other two books by Meradth and gave them both 4/5 stars on Goodreads so I have high expectations of this book!

So that's the two books I am reading at the moment. Unfortunately due to my Meniere's Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type 3, and Chronic Fatigue (yes it's a long, ever increasing lengthy list of health problems! I know) I am being rather slower than usual reading my books. . . .I hope to be finishing reading and adding my reviews to my blog soon!

So what are YOU reading? What's the genre? Are YOU enjoying it? Have YOU read either of the books I am reading now? What did YOU think to them? (No Spoilers please)

Thursday 25 September 2014


Title: Who Am I? How My Daughter Taught Me To Let Go and Live Again
Author: Megan Cyrulewski
Publisher: Black Opal Books
Release Date: 17th July 2014

BLURB from Goodreads
Megan Cyrulewski is an ordinary person who has faced extraordinary challenges and now wants to inspire people and show them that hope gives them the power to survive anything. Who Am I? is about her journey into post-partum depression, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, visits to the psych ward, divorce, domestic violence, law school, and her courageous struggle to survive with her sanity intact-and how a beautiful little girl emerged from all this chaos.



There is Nothing Wrong With You.  It’s All In Your Head.

I can't tell you how many times I have heard that phrase, "It's all in your head."  Yes, mental disease is technically all in our heads, but that's not the way people mean it when they say it.  "If you think positive thoughts, you won't be depressed anymore."  "You choose to be anorexic; just eat something."  "You just have the baby blues and you're a new mom; you don't have postpartum depression."

For those of us with a mental disease, do any of those sound familiar?  I'm sorry, but for those of you who are guilty for saying phrases like that, you are completely ignorant.  Why do people think it's okay to judge anyone who has a mental disease?  Unless they've been through it, they have no idea what it's like to literally be controlled by the disease.  Your support is needed; your judgment is not.

I've had people say to me that I should be lucky because at least I don't have cancer.  Seriously.  Unfortunately, people die from cancer.  Guess what?  People also die from mental diseases too.

I'm going to tell you about three people I met in the hospital and after reading about them, you tell me if mental disease is "all in our head."

There was a 14-year-old girl.  She hadn't slept in 4 days.  She wasn't on drugs.  She didn't drink.  In fact, she had never taken any medication for depression before she checked herself into the hospital.  So why hadn't she slept?  Because one of her friends failed a class at their very private and exclusive school.  Instead of telling his parents, he committed suicide by throwing himself off the roof of a house…right in front of her.  She decided, along with her parents, to seek help because she was afraid she might do the same thing if she ever failed a class.  How would you feel if you saw your friend commit suicide right in front of you?  Was her depression all in her head?

There was a woman who was bulimic.  She wasn't allowed to socialize with anyone of the floor except for group therapy time.  At the end of group therapy, we always did about 10 minutes of stretches.  She wasn't allowed to do those because the counselor was afraid she might pass out.  At mealtimes, she had to sit at the "eating disorder" table with a sitter.  She had a sitter with her 24/7.  Someone stayed in her room at night while she slept.  She wasn't allowed to close the door when she used the bathroom.  She wasn't even allowed to take a shower by herself.  She had to keep the shower curtain open while the sitter sat in a chair and watched her.  Do you think that's the life she chose?  To be ostracized by society even in the mental health ward?  Was her bulimia all in her head?

There was a woman who tried to commit suicide.  She had breast cancer.  In fact, while she was in the hospital, she was getting chemotherapy treatments.  Her doctor told her that the chances for survival were very good.  That same day, her husband decided to tell her that he had been having an affair and was leaving her for the other woman.  He said she looked ugly without any hair, which she lost during chemotherapy.  He also told her that she was disgusting when she vomited after a treatment session.  So he left.  She tried to kill herself.  How would you feel if your spouse of 11 years left you because you were "ugly" from cancer?  Do you think her suicidal tendencies were all in her head?

I've been in the mental health ward three times.  My ex-husband loves to shove this in my face as much as possible.  In every court motion, friend of the court meeting, basically every time he saw me, he always made fun of me.  The funny part is that the only person who thought it was a big deal was him.  

You see, I'm not ashamed that I sought help.  I had postpartum depression.  I had a choice: I could try to work through it on my own and not take care of my daughter, or I could check myself into the mental health ward, get the help I needed and get back home to be with my daughter.  Guess which option I chose?  I truly feel that anyone who makes fun of those of us are the ones who need help but are just too cowardly to ask for it.  So instead, to make themselves feel better, they make fun of everyone else.  

I know that 40 years from now, my ex-husband will still bring up the fact that I was in the mental health ward.  He will probably slip and fall on my driveway in the middle of winter and sue me.  In the lawsuit, he'll claim that I forgot to put salt on the driveway because I was in the mental health ward three times.  If I'm still blogging in 40 years, I'll let you know if I'm right.

You don't need to validate your reasons for seeking treatment to anyone.  Be proud of who you are and how far you have come.   So for those of you who have heard the phrase, "it's all in your head," just politely nod and walk away because the person who says that is not worth your time.  You have more important things to do.  You need to work on yourself to become the person who are meant to be.  You need to to be happy.  You need to rejoice at everything you have achieved in this beautiful world.  You need to live.

Thankyou to Megan for sharing the details of her book and the Guest Post, I found it very informative and as I suffer from Fibromyalgia  I can really identify with it.

Wednesday 24 September 2014


Title: The Space In Between
Author: Jen Minkman
Release Date: 8th September 2014

BLURB from Goodreads
When Moira helps out her sister and brother in a Wiccan ritual on Halloween, the last thing she expects is to be swept away to a mystical wilderness. Sitting within the stones of the ancient circle of Penmaenmawr, Wales, she's convinced it's an illusion. But the dark-haired, handsome man with amnesia that Moira meets during her trance cannot be blinked away like a dream.

Hayko, the mysterious stranger, won’t let go. After returning home from her stone circle adventure, Moira is beckoned back night after night to the outlandish dreamland by an invisible force. But the hardest part isn't having to fight the terrifying creatures of these nightmares--it's realizing she’s falling for a guy without a past who isn’t real.

What if you really can fall in love with the man of your dreams?