Wednesday 31 March 2021


Title: Edge Of Valor
Series: Edge Of Collapse
Author: Kyla Stone
Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Post Apocalyptic
Release Date: 28th March 2021
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The final battle for Fall Creek looms......and not everyone will make it out alive.

With enemies closing in on every side, the survivors of Fall Creek find themselves facing impossible odds.

Do they flee for their lives? Or do they defend their town and risk losing it all? Some things are worth fighting for, dying for.

This may be their last stand.
Despite it being fairly late at night I honestly couldn't resist reading just a couple of chapters of this book as soon as I got chance. I have become seriously attached to some of these characters and though I will be truly sad for the series to end I can hardly wait for what seems to be the looming final battle, who will survive? The cover once again feature’s Liam and Hannah together with weapons ready for their next battle. All the covers for this series have been great and I bet they look amazing altogether on a book shelf! The chapters are told from the points of view of the characters and are numbered by the amount, of days. Though there are dramatic scenes in the book and series, there are also humorous scenes and descriptions, such as Milo calling the new goat Oreo as it is white with black splotches! And the fact it makes Quinn hungry every time she hears or thinks about it.

In this book Liam, Hannah and the residents of Fall Creek are facing not one, but two very large well-trained forces coming at them from different directions. The Fall Creek residents can do nothing but stand their ground and fight with what they have. They have Alexander Poe and his army of men who are killing anyone and anything that stands in their way wanting to take as much land as possible. Then there’s General Sinclair, a man so intent on being remembered in years to come and being part of history that he has an assistant logging everything that happens. The General wants the control and comfort of Winter Haven as well as wreaking revenge for his daughter Rosamond’s death. The part of his plan that is most sinister is his interest in the baby that is the result of his grandson kidnapping and repeatedly raping a woman. He wants that baby to bring up, to mold as he wishes to continue his legacy after he has died. It’s only a mothers sixth sense about her child and the ever, protective Ghost that prevents the General having the prize he wants most.

The General makes a camp near Fall Creek to both watch and unnerve the Fall Creek residents. He tells him army that Fall Creek is harbouring terrorists. The General send scouts to issue them with an ultimatum. He demands Liam Coleman, if the Fall Creek residents hand him over straight away he will go easy on the rest of the residents. Like everything else in Fall Creek it is put to a vote, though Hannah refuses to vote saying she is biased in favour of Liam. Fall Creek make their decision, knowing that the apple can’t have fallen far from the tree with Rosamond being the Generals daughter. The Fall Creek residents are kind of resolute they come to the brave conclusion that they will make a stand even if its their last stand they will fight for what is theirs. The General sends in a black hawk helicopter to fire upon the normal American citizens of Fall Creek and some are killed or badly injured. Unfortunately for the General it makes the Fall Creek residents even more determined to stand their ground and fight for those that were lost in the attack too.

I will be totally, truthful, I did have tears in my eyes on quite a few occasions in this final book. One the death of a specific character that I had immediately adored throughout the series. But this character (no names) died saving others which was really fitting and totally in keeping with that character. Another time was very near the end of the book and I was like “Oh no! You cannot be going down that route, seriously you cannot kill this character off now” You’ll understand when you read the book!

My favourite characters, I still loved Liam, a tough guy on the outside but totally melts inside when around Hannah, Milo, Charlotte, and LJ. I think he has softened somewhat throughout the series. He has recovered from his whole unrequited love for Jessa, and grown to love Hannah more, yet stayed in the background, never pushing her to choose. Liam has been a quiet strength, there to back up, or catch Hannah whenever she stumbled. Hannah has also grown so much as a character. From the innocent young women kidnapped and tortured by Gavin Pike, to being a nervous, young women to then becoming a kick butt female who is confident in her own decisions and able to protect herself and what is hers. I could go on and on about the different great characters in this book, such as Quinn, she has a super rollercoaster of a journey through the series growing up to be a kick butt female not afraid to fight for what is hers, rather like Hannah. Then there’s Molly, Bishop and even good boy/bad guy James Luther who are all great characters. I also don’t mind admitting I totally adored Ghost the great pyrenees mountain dog, the way one minute he can be attacking an intruder and ripping their throat out, yet within the same scene can be laid snuffling baby Charlotte.

My immediate thoughts upon finishing this book & series were wow what a great way to end. This book is as fast paced and full of descriptions making the scenes easy to visualise. I love the sense of community that Kyla created. All the prepping ways that Molly had as well as the army experience and battle tactics that Liam uses and has used against him. The characters feel so real, you do grow to be fond of them, and you care what happens to them. You know them so well as the action is happening you can kind of guess what those certain characters will do.

Summing up this book was a dramatic conclusion to an action packed, amazing series. I genuinely have loved this series from the beginning to the very end. Though not every beloved character makes it to the very end of the series. There were a few great characters we lost along the way throughout the series. Some of the younger characters have really grown through the series, one in particular rapidly grows up even more in this last book, becoming a warrior, doing turns at guarding Fall Creek, and standing in place, fully prepared to fight to the end when the need arises. These normal citizens of Fall Creek are prepared to fight for each other, and for what they have made Fall Creek into. What more can I say I totally loved this series and I know I will miss this series! I wonder what Kyla Stone will be writing next?


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