Tuesday 16 August 2011


Alpha by Rachel Vincent is sadly the sixth and last book in this fantastic series.
The unscrupulous new council has charged Jace, Marc and Faythe with trespassing, kidnapping, murder...oh yes and treason. Now is the time Faythe and her pack decide to take their long awaited revenge for the death of her brother. They must also get rid of the rot that is setting in within the council. it won't be an easy task, lives will be lost and hearts broken. Faythe is ready for the final showdown, she literally has a target on her back for fellow shifters to take a shot at. What will happen at the final showdown? ....... come on you don't think I would include spoilers do you? Read the books they are brilliant I can't praise them enough, they are the best shifter books I have read.

Available from amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk £4.09 Play.com £4.09 Bookdepository.co.uk £4.08

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