Sunday 14 August 2011


Dead Girls Dance by Rachel Caine is book two of the Morganville Vampire Series.
In this second book Claire has many challenges to face. One of them is though she's a genius in her studies the college she is in seems to value beauty over  brains. Claire realises she has to deal with homicidal girls in her dormitory but that problem fades somewhat when she finds out the towns big secret. The secret? ... Morganville is in fact overrun with the still living dead! In Claire's personal life things are somewhat better, she has a new gorgeous boyfriend. Oh, and her boyfriend's father is a vampire hunter! Events take a turn for the worse when a local fraternity hold a dance......The Dead Girl's Dance.....
Again plenty going on to keep you reading and not wanting to put the book down. Claire's life seems to be changing for the better, but is Claire...or anyone else for that matter safe in Morganville?
A bit of romance entering the series now with Claire and her boyfriend, still plenty of secrets to uncover and be uncovered. A "must keep reading" series. In fact liking this series so much have bought the next few books in the series and they are on the top of the to read pile!

Available from, £4.49 paperback £4.27 on kindle, £4.49 and £4.48

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