Sunday 14 August 2011


Lord of Misrule by Rachel Caine, book five in the Morganville Series.
In this college town of Morganville humans and Vampires coexist in relative bloodless harmony, with the odd exception of course. Then Mr Bishop arrives, he is the master vampire and he wants to change everything....and its not for the better for the humans! Bishop threatens to abolish the rules that they have all lived by. He wants to revive the evil forces of the dead and wants chaos to rule once more.Claire and her friends prepare to defend themselves against all the element both natural and the unnatural dead elements of Morganville.The natural element they have to contend with is  black cyclone clouds overhead.
Can Claire and her friends survive this ever increasing chaos? ........ I hope so as I have the next book in the series! More of the same action, secrets,bits of romance, plenty of danger and suspense. A real page turner.

Available from, £4.19 paperback or £3.98 on kindle, £4.19 and £4.18

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