Sunday 28 August 2011


Ever and Damen have been fighting for centuries to be together and now their future together hinges on one final showdown that promises to leave us the readers, gasping for breath. Haven is still blaming Ever for the death of her gorgeous but evil boyfriend Roman, and now he has to spend his eternity in Shadowland. Ever has tried to convince Haven that  what happened to Roman was purely an accident, but still Haven refuses to believe it. Haven is now determined that Ever needs to be taken down and shes the person to do it! Haven doesn't seem to care that she will also destroy Damen and Jude along the way either. Havens first move is to seperate Ever and Damen and she has just the right ammunition to do the job. There's a terrible secret about Damen, a secret that when told may drive Ever and Damen apart for good. The dark, hidden secret reveals new facts about Ever and Judes past life relationships. Ever has to face this dark and brutal secret and face that along with her greatest fears about the guy she wants and should spend eternity with. Ever and Haven are clashing in a deadly way that could destroy everything and everyone. Ever has to face her most formidable enemy, it will take all the powers she has learnt. To win this epic battle Ever must ask herself , is her own survival worth dooming her once treasured best friend Haven to an eternity in the Shadowland? Will the dark secrets in Damen's past hold the key to a brighter future for them together.
I decided to buy this book as I wanted to know what happened next, if there was to be a happy ending.You have to feel sorry for Haven in this one too as she has lost Roman whom she thought was her one true love and chance at happiness. Though she sees that Ever still has Damen and she even has Jude too, no wonder she is so jealous! Its sad to see the end of Ever and Havens friendship but what a great enemy the former best friend makes. Again this book was slow in pace and took some getting through. Sorry to say it but this series is seriously dragging now. Problem is I know now I will go buy book six as it is the last in the series......please let us have a happy ending after all this trauma and time.

Available from, £3.91 paperback £3.71 kindle £4.49 and £3.90


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