Sunday 14 August 2011


Bite Club by Rachel Caine, book number ten of the Morganville Vampire Series
In this book the problem is a new internet craze of bare knuckle fighting........that is bare knuckle fighting between humans and vampires! Someone is once again wanting to cause trouble in the relatively peaceful town. Claire manages to track the signal that the internet programme is giving out to a new gym that has opened in town. Guess who gets caught up in this latest bout of trouble? Shane has always been into going to the gym and keeping fit, so it doesn't take long for him to go check out the new gym in town. however the new gym owners soon have Shane hooked to their special training and special protein shake drink that help the fighter heal and fight longer. Shane begins to become more and more obsessed spending less time with his friends and less time with his girlfriend Claire. They argue over the gym but still Shane goes and continues totally oblivious to the fact he is pushing away Claire. Can Claire solve the mystery of who the owner of the gym is and ultimately what they want? Can she save Shane from the gym, and himself? Back on form with this book plenty happening we find out even more about Shane, and Michael. Much faster paced than the last book. Will there be more? Will have to wait and see but would definitely read them.

Available from, £4.31 paperback £3.89 kindle. £4.39 £4.30

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