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Title: Firefly
Author: Jen Minkman
Release Date: 9th December 2014

BLURB from Goodreads
As decreed by the State, the Citizens of Ebrus are not allowed to:

Visit the ocean surrounding the Walled City. 
Ignore curfew and stay out after seven.
Call in sick more than three times a year.

As I made it a bit of a mission to read more Christmassey titles this year and the fact I do enjoy Jen Minkman's writing style this novella was an easy and natural choice to add to my Want-To-Read List. I was also told that this was a dystopian novella which most people now know is one of my favourite genres to read.

I heard about this novella in Jen Minkman's newsletter and I purchased it from Amazon UK.
The cover pictures a woman dancing in a gown that is on fire, which reminded me a little of the "girl on fire"  scene in the Hunger Games! I like the bright orange colour which makes the cover stand out. The byline in the cover "Follow The Star" is intriguing enough for you want to know the relevance of it. The phrase is a major part within the book.
Would the cover of this book make me pick this one up in a book store? Yes, I would certainly feel drawn to this cover and want to learn more about the book.
So the society is dystopian. The State governs everyone and gives the rules that have to be adhered to and lived by. You are not allowed outside of the walls that protect the city from the ocean. You have to stick to the curfew that the State insists upon and work regularly. It is extremely frowned upon to call in sick to your job,. Everyone must do their duty and work for the greater good. No one is permitted to sing either, as it is thought that doing so is a waste and would lead to rebellion. All the rules make for quite a dreary and monotonous life.
The main character is trudging home from her work when she hears a beautiful sound that she has never heard before, as it's close to curfew, she cannot investigate the sound as she rushes home. She cannot break the curfew as her father has an important job for the State, so she has to "behave" even more. It is the girls grandfather who reveals the sound she heard is called singing but swears her to secrecy as she could get into serious trouble if she were ever caught singing. The girl has now had a taste of something new, a type of freedom so she goes ahead and does the unthinkable and heavily frowned upon, she rings her job and tells them she is sick. They believe her as she has worked a whole year without a day sick. The girl retraces her steps to the alley that she heard the music and see's a sign. . . . . and I really cannot reveal anymore.
In my opinion this novella could have gone on and been a full dystopian novel. In fact the only real criticism's are that it ended too soon and I would have loved the singing to be something other than the specific Christmas Carols, but then I guess the novella wouldn't have been catorgorised as a Christmassey Novella.
So did I enjoy the novella? Yes it was a quick Christmas themed read, though I would have loved more content too. Would I recommend the novella? For a quick read yes. Would I want to read more about these characters? Yes I think this could be an introduction to the dystopic society. I would want to read more about this society. Would I read other titles by Jen Minkman? I already have!

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The following authors Shannon Mayer, Denise Grover Swank, Addison Moore, Shelly Crane, Amy Bartol, Eve Langlais, Stephanie Erickson, Jesi Lea Ryan, JC Andrijeski have got together with Hijinks Ink Publishing to put together an anthology called FUSION.

Fusion contains nine outstanding fantasy stories merged together to create a bestselling reaction. An anthology designed for readers of fantasy . . . Paranormal, urban/contemporary fantasy, science fiction and dystopian fused together in one epic fantasy bundle. Make your way through fire and ice, love, lust and hate as these nine International Bestselling Authors come together to spin their tales of magic and destruction. This is a truly unique bundle that successfully blends all aspects of the Fantasy genre.  


My name is Rylee, and I am a Tracker." A missing child, a deadly prophecy, and a world of unusual supernaturals slam together in this EXCLUSIVE novella from Shannon Mayer. Meet Rylee, a Tracker of missing children, and Lark, an Earth Elemental as they tackle a case neither could crack on their own dodging the world of the supernatural and FBI alike. Separate, they are deadly, strong, and determined. Together, they are unstoppable. Or so they think.  

(Celestra Series, Book 1) by ADDISON MOORE 
The Celestra Series has been optioned for film by 20th CENTURY FOX Sixteen year-old, Skyla Messenger is a dead girl walking. With her life in upheaval, she finds refuge in Logan Oliver, a boy who shares her unique ability to read minds and has knowledge she desires. If only he would share. Skyla’s bloodlines to angelic beings may not be able to save her from those who want her dead, but Skyla is nowhere near done living --- and she’s not going down without a fight.   

(On the Otherside Series, Book 1) by DENISE GROVER SWANK 

Sixteen year old Julia Phillips buries herself in guilt after killing her best friend in a car accident. But guilt can’t explain how she can suddenly draw, has false memories of the accident and how a bracelet engraved with her name ended at the scene. Suddenly, Evan Whittaker is interested in her and her life. Why he was missing for two days and returns wearing a pendant she’s been drawing for months leads the two on a journey to find out how Monica is still alive and just where Even is really from.   

(The Premonition Series, Book 1) by AMY BARTOL 

I’m Evie and this was to be the making of me-my first year of college. I’d hoped that once I’d arrived at Crestwood, the nightmare that I’ve been having would go away. It hasn’t. At 17, I may be inexperienced, but I’m sane. When Reed is near, however, nothing makes any sense. He’s not what he seems to be…and neither am I. I’m afraid that the nightmare my dream is foretelling is…inescapable.   


One life will make the difference. Macey Holsinger has heard that phrase her whole life, in the name of fighting a disease that has claimed so many lives. How much will she be willing to sacrifice in the name of the cure?   

(A Collide Novel, Book 2) by SHELLY CRANE 
Sherry and Merrick come face to face with old friends and new enemies in this sequel to Collide. When a little girl is found, things change for everyone and loyalties will be tested. New romances, drama and rivalries may upset the delicate balance they established while transformations on both sides of good and evil will arise as the series continues.   

(Arcadia Series, Book 1) by JESI LEA RYAN 
When teenager Arcadia Day wakes in a hospital after what can only be described as a psychic episode, she finds her family in tatters. As her home life crumbles and her emotional control slips away, she begins to suspect that her first psychic experience was just the beginning.   

(Allie’s War, Early Years) by J.C. ANDRIJESKI
High in mountain caves, surrounded by kind-hearted monks, the shadow of the Rooks hangs over Revik’s head, a constant reminder of the dark warrior he used to be. When strange, militant Seers appear, asking for his help, his first impulse is to say no...until he learns it is Kali who needs saving… the one person he cannot refuse.    

Evangeline is not a very nice witch, and she’s not afraid to show it. She lands a job where she is forced to work with a rude, cocky and totally unsuitable shifter. Despite it all, she can’t help craving his touch. When Ryker is partnered with the witch, he does everything he can to fight her allure. And fails. Vampires, a wedding from hell, and a cackling boss make this an action packed and humorous romance to remember.  



Shannon Mayer lives in the southwestern tip of Canada with her husband, dog, cats, horse, and cows. When not writing she spends her time staring at immense amounts of rain, herding old people (similar to herding cats) and attempting to stay out of trouble. Especially that last is difficult for her. She is the author of the The Rylee Adamson Novels, The Nevermore Trilogy, A Celtic Legacy series and several contemporary romances. Please visit her website at for more information on her novels. 

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Addison Moore is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who writes contemporary and paranormal romance. Her work has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Previously she worked as a therapist on a locked psychiatric unit for nearly a decade. She resides on the West Coast with her husband, four wonderful children, and two dogs where she eats too much chocolate and stays up way too late. When she's not writing, she's reading. Addison’s Celestra Series has been optioned for film by 20th Century Fox. 



 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Denise Grover Swank was born in Kansas City, Missouri and lived in the area until she was nineteen. Then she became a nomadic gypsy, living in five cities, four states and ten houses over the course of ten years before she moved back to her roots. She speaks English and smattering of Spanish and Chinese which she learned through an intensive Nick Jr. immersion period. Her hobbies include witty Facebook comments (in own her mind) and dancing in her kitchen with her children. (Quite badly if you believe her offspring.) Hidden talents include the gift of justification and the ability to drink massive amounts of caffeine and still fall asleep within two minutes. Her lack of the sense of smell allows her to perform many unspeakable tasks. She has six children and hasn't lost her sanity. Or so she leads you to believe. You can find out more about Denise at or email her at 

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Amy A. Bartol is the award-winning and bestselling author of the Premonition Series, which includes: Inescapable, Intuition, Indebted, Incendiary and Iniquity. She has also written the Kricket Series, which includes: Under Different Stars, Sea of Stars, and Darken the Stars. She lives in Michigan with her husband and two sons. Visit her at her website: 



Stephanie Erickson has always had a passion for the written word. She pursued her love of literature at Flagler College, in St. Augustine, FL, where she graduated with a BA in English Literature. She has received several honors in her writing career, including recognition in the 72nd Annual Writer's Digest Competition. After graduation, she married and followed her husband in pursuit of his dream. The Cure and The Blackout were written to reignite Stephanie's passion, when she found the time. Now that he is settled in his career, it's her turn to devote more time and energy into writing. Unseen, released in November, is her first book since she started writing full time. Stephanie has three projects planned for 2015. Her next release is well underway and is slated for a March, 2015 publication date, with the sequel to Unseen—Unforgiven—slated for release in July. Stephanie, of course, loves to read and write. She also enjoys living on the beach on Florida's Treasure Coast. Most of all, she and her husband are head over heels in love with their baby girl. 



Shelly is a NEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY bestselling author from a small town in Georgia and loves everything about the south. She is wife to a fantastical husband and stay-at-home mom to two boisterous and mischievous boys who keep her on her toes. She hoards paperbacks, devours sweet tea, searches year-round for candy corn, and loves to spend time with her family and friends, go out to eat at new restaurants, site-see in the new areas they travel to, listen to music, and, of course, loves to read, but doesn’t have much time to these days with all the characters filling her head begging to come out. Her own books happen by accident and she revels in the writing and imagination process. She doesn't go anywhere without her notepad for fear of an idea creeping up and not being able to write it down immediately, even in the middle of the night, where her best ideas are born. 



Jesi Lea Ryan grew up in the Mississippi River town of Dubuque, IA. She holds bachelor degrees in creative writing and literature and a masters degree in business. She considers herself a well-rounded nerd who can spend hours on the internet researching things like British history, anthropology of ancient people, geography of random parts of the world, bad tattoos and the paranormal. She currently lives in Madison, WI with her husband and two exceptionally naughty kitties. 



JC Andrijeski writes urban fantasy, dystopian and paranormal romance. Current works include the gritty, epic, urban fantasy series, Allie’s War, which follows Allie Taylor and her antihero partner, Revik, in their attempts to save the world from a dark, psychic force bent on controlling Earth. She also has a new adult dystopian series, Alien Apocalypse about Jet Tetsuo, survivor and slave under alien conquerors, and the Gate Shifter series, about a shape-shifting alien and a tough-girl PI. She also writes crime fiction, children’s and some literary under different names, although her first love will always be of the supernatural, especially when it involves kick-ass superpowers and people fighting for the light and against their own inner demons. JC currently lives and writes full time in Bangkok, Thailand, although she tends to get itchy feet on a fairly regular basis, so can’t quite commit to that as a final resting place... 

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Hello, my name is Eve and I am a Canadian author who pens steamy romance--usually with shapeshifters, cyborgs or aliens lol. I love to write, and while I don't always know what my mind is going to come up with next, I can promise it will be fun, probably humorous, and most of all romantic because I love a happily ever after. I look forward to seeing you again, whether online or between the pages of a book.  


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What's The Page about?
The Page is a story of a man holidaying alone for the first time. On his first day he is by the pool, when the wind strips a book of its pages and one sticks to his chest. To his horror, he realises the text on the page describes the exact events leading up to the death of his wife. The book becomes a race between the lead character finding the book before his family find out the truth.

Sounds intriguing, what gave you that idea?
Amazingly, the exact same thing happened to me when on holiday in Vegas. An old book was stripped from across the pool, scattering in all directions. There were pages covering the surface of the pool and one stuck to me. I read it and found it was some Mills and Boon romance book. It got me thinking though and soon The Page began to form in my mind.

Your first novel, The Radio was nationally shortlisted, how difficult was it writing the follow up?
The Radio was a story that had formed in my mind over many years and took four to write. Sitting down to write The Page was unusual because there was that extra pressure to deliver again and this time more quickly. I wrote The Page over twelve months but the final few months really affected me.

In what way?
The Radio had a huge twist and so does The Page. I wanted to go one step further with The Page and overtly give away the ending throughout. Therefore I designed fifteen clues to give the ending to the reader on a plate without them even knowing it. Towards the end and certainly in editing, I began to suffer from sleepless nights and a huge crisis of confidence in relation to that and whether I was going too far with the project.

How do you feel now?
I am as pleased as any author could be with their work. Clues remain throughout however and there will be a huge competition where I intend to give away royalties for the first reader to pick them all out.

What's next?
I want a break from "The The" trilogy. The two books may seem quite unrelated but there is a dual story being weaved through them. My next novel “A Tiny Feeling Of Fear orThe Two Sides of One.” is totally unrelated. The only similarity is another twist.  I am also very excited about the future of The Radio as we are currently negotiating film rights. Watch this space!


Title: Zombies Don't Carve
Author: Rusty Fischer
Release Date: 12th January 2014

BLURB from Goodreads
Guess who's coming to Christmas dinner? ZOMBIES!!!! 

April Kersey has finally decided to introduce her new boyfriend, Echo, to her family. On Christmas Eve. At the big family dinner table, with everyone dressed in their finest ugly Christmas sweater. As if that wasn’t bad enough, did I mention… he’s a zombie? 

Echo’s status as one of the living dead doesn’t sit too well with April’s Dad. That is, until an all-out zombie infestation begins making its way toward the Kersey’s holiday celebration. When Echo rises to defend his adopted family from the zombie horde, the Kerseys join in to make it a holiday they’ll never forget. 

That is, if they survive… 


I'll be totally honest this authors books along with Daniel Waters books that introduced me to zombie fiction, so I do enjoy Rusty Fischer's book, hence I was looking forward to a good quality quick read.

I downloaded this one from Amazon UK for just 77p. I made a conscious decision this year to try and read more Christmas themed books. The cover split into two halves. The top half shows us what  I would say is April Kersey's home, the one she has invited her "living dead" boyfriend Echo to dinner at.  The bottom half of the cover shows the lover half of the body of Echo brandishing a hedge trimmer. The cover is also spattered with blood. (Yuck, but a good yuck lol) Would the cover make me pick this one up in a book store? Yes, having "Zombie" in the title would pique my interest, and then the fact Rusty is the author would make me take it to the till to buy!
So I should start by saying this one is a novella. The main gist of the story is that April has decided to take the rather large and possibly awkward step of taking her "living dead" boyfriend to dinner with her family who have yet to meet him. Her father is definitely "zombiest" ie. rather against his daughter dating a zombie/living dead. During the dinner, April's mother, Trudy tries really hard perhaps overly so to make Echo feel welcome. To one point within the meal, Trudy asks for a taste of Echo's brain paté. Roger Kersey admonishes his wife and they are about to go into an argument when the TV programme is interrupted to announce that zombies have broken through the borders. The broadcast suggest people should head to their "safe rooms" and wait out the zombie attack. However not all the family go in the safe room. I won't say which one is the only one to go into the safe room to hide. I also don't want to say much more or I will give spoilers.
The novella is amusing in that we discover that both Echo & April regularly fight the zombies quite fearlessly, yet are scared about the Kersey family reaction to the fact that April and Echo are having a relationship. The character of Zack is funny as he asks all those awkward questions without a shred of embarrassment that his parents, Trudy and Roger probably want to know the answers to. 
Did I enjoy the novella? Yes it was a quick, easy read. Would I recommend the novella? If you want a quick novella yes.  Would I want to read more about Echo & April & the rest of the Kersey family?  I would yes, I want more adventures from Echo & April. I would also like to learn more about the other Kersey's. I think Zack would be great and you can really imagining him fighting off the rogue zombies.  Would I want to read other titles by Rusty Fischer? I already have read some other titles by Rusty Fischer, but do intend to read more.      

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Title: Waterfall
Series: Lacey Danes
Author: Dragon's Fate 

(Please note this book is 18+ steamy/erotica classification.)

BLURB from Goodreads
Curses are designed to be cruel, but the one afflicting Jordan and his brothers is almost beyond bearing. A dragon born by blood magic, he is an immortal trapped in human form, with only one hope of finding his eternal mate. He must bite her—and pray she lives.

One dark night, he senses the wounded heartbeat of a woman in the shadows, begging him to end her life. Ever the gentleman, he chivalrously obliges her wish. Only to discover three days later that she lives. And has married another.

Celeste always dreamed of marrying for love, but the nightmare of living in her father’s home drives her to wed the Duke of Hudson. Yet on her wedding eve, she is compelled to follow a mysterious man who professes to know her secret. A man with curious blue scales on his muscular arms—whose shadowed eyes reflect a dangerous mix of destiny and desire… 

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Title: Breeder
Author: K.B. Hoyle
Genre: Dystopian
Publisher: Writer's Coffee Shop
Release Date: 11th December 2014

BLURB from Goodreads
Everything about Seventeen’s life is perfect, from her genetics, to her home in Sanctuary, to her status as a Breeder in the Unified World Order. But all that changes when she meets a rogue Enforcer named Pax, who infiltrates Sanctuary and targets her for extraction from the Controlled Repopulation Program. Pax seems to know a little too much about her, and he plants dangerous doubts in her mind that accuse Sanctuary of hiding a dark secret, and that cause Seventeen to question everything she’s ever known.
When Seventeen’s life is threatened, she has little choice but to run away from Sanctuary with Pax. But for Breeders, contact with men is forbidden by law, and even the simple act of taking Pax’s hand is treason.
Mired in confusion, Seventeen travels with Pax to the outside world and takes the name Pria, the identity of her childhood. But she is far from certain she’s made the right decision when they discover an entire community of people who should no longer exist.
Seventeen, now Pria, is thrust into a position as a key player in a dangerous bid to bring down the Unified World Order. Meanwhile, Pax’s attachment to her and her growing attraction to him contribute to the ever-growing mysteries in her life.
Pria’s journey from a sheltered, naïve Breeder to a rebel agent requires not only external transformation but self-discovery. As her world crumbles, Pria must decide who she is and what she really believes.
But the truth comes at a cost, and uncovering it will require a greater treason than she could ever have imagined.

Amazon US
Amazon UK


K.B. Hoyle is a bestselling author, a public speaker, a creative writing instructor, and a classical history teacher who uses her knowledge of the ancient and medieval worlds to pen speculative and fantasy tales for people of all ages. She has been married since the age of twenty to the love of her life, with whom she has four wonderful children. Find out more about her at



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Title: Breeder
Author: K.B. Hoyle
Genre: Dystopian
Publisher: Writer's Coffee Shop
Release Date: 11th December 2014

BLURB from Goodreads
Everything about Seventeen’s life is perfect, from her genetics, to her home in Sanctuary, to her status as a Breeder in the Unified World Order. But all that changes when she meets a rogue Enforcer named Pax, who infiltrates Sanctuary and targets her for extraction from the Controlled Repopulation Program. Pax seems to know a little too much about her, and he plants dangerous doubts in her mind that accuse Sanctuary of hiding a dark secret, and that cause Seventeen to question everything she’s ever known.
When Seventeen’s life is threatened, she has little choice but to run away from Sanctuary with Pax. But for Breeders, contact with men is forbidden by law, and even the simple act of taking Pax’s hand is treason.
Mired in confusion, Seventeen travels with Pax to the outside world and takes the name Pria, the identity of her childhood. But she is far from certain she’s made the right decision when they discover an entire community of people who should no longer exist.
Seventeen, now Pria, is thrust into a position as a key player in a dangerous bid to bring down the Unified World Order. Meanwhile, Pax’s attachment to her and her growing attraction to him contribute to the ever-growing mysteries in her life.
Pria’s journey from a sheltered, naïve Breeder to a rebel agent requires not only external transformation but self-discovery. As her world crumbles, Pria must decide who she is and what she really believes.
But the truth comes at a cost, and uncovering it will require a greater treason than she could ever have imagined.

As one of my favourite genres is dystopian I was immediately attracted to this one, both with the cover and the blurb. 

I downloaded this one from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
The cover is grey which perfectly fits the dystopian/apocalyptic feel of the book. The tree on the cover represents the "Tree Of Unity" that is mentioned within the book. It represents a tree that the girls in the Sanctuary can sit and stare at during meditation, it is supposed to represent the fact they are altogether as one reproducing for the greater good of the world.
The tree is also relevant as those "survivors" that live on the outside have a slang/nickname for those in the commune or sanctuary, they call them "cogs". As you will see on the cover the tree branches/leaves are actually cogs and wheels. This name represents that the girls are merely small cogs in a greater cause.
Would the cover make me pick this book up from a bookstore shelf? Yes, for sure!
The dystopian/apocalyptic society is set on Gaia, which was once over populated. The world was divided and at war with each other. Along came the "3 Devastations". The three devastations were 1 The Great Famine, followed by 2 The Great Pandemic and finally 3 The Great Incusion. That is when the "Unified World Order" was created. It is then that the Controlled Repopulation Program is brought into place. So the main characters in this book are Pria or number 17 as she is referred to inside the Controlled Repopulation Program inside the building referred to as Sanctuary. Number 17/Pria is chosen to become what is called a breeder or carrier and be part of this revered program as she carries a specific gene that will make humanity stronger, have better health and be more versatile. It is drilled into the females in Sanctuary that their "life is perfect in Sanctuary, that they want for nothing ". Every minute of their day is planned out. All Breeders/Carriers have their head's shaved to prevent anyone from becoming vain or jealous as these are two traits that are considered undesirable.   The majority of females in Sanctuary are drugged via medication given to them in the guise of being vitamins to keep them and their pregnancies healthy. It is considered a gift and something very special to be carrying a child. Though as soon as the children are born and able to be separated from their mothers they are. Not all pregnancies go full term, sometimes the children being carried are deemed nonviable and are terminated. No one really knows what happens to the children when they are removed from their mothers at Sanctuary. In fact what is hinted at is extremely sinister.
For some reason which we don't really find out Number 17/Pria has been taken down for a medical procedure which means she is no longer pregnant. As she has undergone this procedure her medication is changed, which has a side effect of allowing her to become more lucid and aware of her surroundings. It is during the state of part lucidity that Pria meets a male protector named Pax, he says he is there for her, he can help her escape. It is an extreme rarity to see a male in Sanctuary, in fact the last time Pria remembers seeing a male was before she came to Sanctuary when she was just 5 years old. Once in Sanctuary the girls are what I could only describe as being brainwashed, they are told that they are doing an important job for the world, and that their lives are perfect and should be happy to be part of this special program.This reduction in medication also allows her to become inquisitive and to ask questions. the down side to this is that she is noticed and marked as a  possible "problem". The head woman within the sanctuary known as the "Mother" tries to dissuade No17/Pria from asking questions, unfortunately this leads 17/Pria to question herself and become depressed by her situation. No17/Pria cannot forget about meeting the male protector called Pax. In fact N017/Pria does end up being rescued by Pax, though are his motives truly honest as he too wants to use her to ingratiate himself with a nearby nest of survivors. Pax and Pria are taken in to nest but end up paying dearly for their new home as the survivors want something in return that ends up putting Pria back into the very danger that Pax originally rescued her from.
I have talked about the society and its beliefs whilst still leaving plenty of details for you to discover on your own by reading this great book. I really enjoyed the complex society, the different classes of people and the characters. I also loved the fairly fast pace of the writing and the descriptions of the surrounding. I loved the description of the large one way window, there was both a great scene describing and a tragic thing seen through it too.
There's some great characters too, Pax and Pria both not used to trusting others, came to genuinely trust and rely on each other. I also warmed to Celeste near the end of the book. This book ends and leaves you with so many questions. I want to know much more about Pax and his story of his survival up until he met Pria. I also want to learn about what the survivors/would be rebels are going to do next. I have an awful feeling that we haven't seen the worst of these people yet. that perhaps we should be wondering which organisation is the most corrupt. I could seriously rattle on about this book forever, so much happens within it's pages.
Did I enjoy the book? I loved it I quite literally devoured it! The plot, society and characters just had me addicted to the book I hated having to put it down!
Would I recommend the book? Yes its a must read! If you enjoy dystopian fiction then this is for you.
Would I want to read another book in this series? Yes please, as soon as its available!
Would I want to read other books by K.B. Hoyle? I do intend on checking out other books by this author.

Amazon UK


So as you will see from my review above I loved this book, and truly believe if kept true to the book & characters that K.B. Hoyle has created it would make a brilliant movie! That's one of the reason I also wanted to do a dreamcast post.
Below are the actors & actresses that author K.B. Hoyle would choose to play her characters, and  I've also included whether I agree with the people she has chosen or not! Yes I so couldn't resist adding my "two penneth" at the end of the Dreamcast too (Yorkshire saying for those of you not from the UK!).

Gemma Arterton                                                       Natalie Portman
In my head, I picture either Natalie Portman or Gemma Arterton as Pria, but in reality, they are both just a little too old to pass for 18-year-old Pria. But that’s the look I was going for. 
A younger actress who fits the description would be Zoey Deutch.

 Zoey Dutch

~ My Thoughts ~ 
Hmm, my choice would be Natalie Portman

Michael Fassbender                         Eddie Redmayne
Pax is SO difficult to cast because I don’t really think there is an actor out there who perfectly fits his description. Well, I take that back. If Michael Fassbender were ten years younger, he would be ideal to play Pax. But as it is . . . Eddie Redmayne probably fits the description of Pax the best as far as coloring goes, although he’s a little too thin to be Pax.

~ My Thoughts ~ 
Out of the two actors pictured above I'd say the one I picture as Pax 
is Eddie Redmayne

Henri and Etienne
B.J. Britt
Since these two are identical twins, they could obviously be played by the same actor, and I think B. J. Britt would be a great fit! He’s very attractive, tall, and athletic, and he has a great smile, and I think he could embody both the brooding grumpiness of Etienne and the cheerful optimism of Henri.

~ My Thoughts ~
I also agree with K.B. Hoyle's vision for the twins
Etienne & Henri

Tiffany Hines
Tiffany Hines is gorgeous, but she also has an edge to her, and could, I think, play Celine really well. She also looks to me like she could actually be related to B. J. Britt, so that’s always a plus when casting people who are supposed to be siblings.

~ My Thoughts ~
Again this is another great choice of actress by the author.

Famke Janssen
Famke Janssen is actually just a little too young to play Mother, and she’d have to dye her hair silver for the role, but other than that, her face and structure are perfect!

~ My Thoughts~
I picture "Mother" as being older, more like Imelda Staunton in the below pic. I'd love to know what other readers thoughts are too!

Dominic West                                                 Luke Evans
I’ve always pictured either Dominic West or Luke Evans in the role of Luther. Both of them have rugged, weathered looks about them that suit my description of Luther, although Luke Evans has better eyes for the role.

~ My Thoughts ~
Of the two actors pictured above I'd go with Dominic West for the part of Luther.

Alan Tudyk
I think Alan Tudyk has a great soulfulness to him that would well suit the role of Bishop. He’d have to go a little blonder than he naturally is (he’s actually more of a ginger in real life), but his face is what I picture on Bishop.

~ My Thoughts ~
Yes, as K.B. Koyle describes Bishop, I'd say Alan Tudyk could fit.

                                   Joseph Gordon-Levitt                                        Zachary Levi                
Elan is supposed to be someone who could pass for a member of the genetically perfect society in the story, so he should be played by someone with an olive complexion and dark hair and eyes. Both Zachary Levi and Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be good fits!

~ My Thoughts ~ 
I'd choose Joseph Gordon-Levitt from the two great choices from the author for the character of Elan.

Anna Paquin
When Anna Paquin has dark hair, she pretty well fits my image of Holly. Holly is a character who is very pretty, and has the dark hair and eyes of everyone else in the approved society, but she’s not genetically perfect, so she could never have been a Breeder. I like that Anna Paquin is beautiful, but she has some tiny quirks that set her apart from traditional “beauties.” I think that would suit a character like Holly very well.

~ My Thoughts ~
Yes Anna Paquin fits my thoughts on what Holly could look like too.

Brett Dalton
Wallace was once a male Breeder in the story, so he would need to be played by an actor who is very traditionally handsome, as well as being of impressive physicality. Brett Dalton fits the tall, dark, and handsome bill to a T.

~ My Thoughts ~
I agree with K.B Hoyle that Brett Dalton definitely fits a guy that was once a male Breeder.

Orlando Bloom
I’ve loved Orlando Bloom as an actor ever since The Lord of the Rings first came out, so I tried to find a place for him, in the cast. As Luther’s younger brother in the story, Brant should be played by a character who looks a lot like the character playing Luther. I think Orlando Bloom could work as Brant to Luke Evans’ Luther. 

~ My Thoughts ~
Yes, I think Orlando Bloom would fit as Brant the younger brother to Luther played by Dominic West as his older brother Luther.

So now you've seen who the Author would like to play her characters and I've added my two pennerth, do you agree or disagree? Who do you think fit the characters?