Saturday, 13 August 2011


Raised By Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

When Bryn was only aged four she saw a rabid wolf attach and kill both of her parents. She was rescued by Callum. Callum is the alpha of his pack. So now Bryn is fifteen and the only human in the pack. Bryn lives by the pack rules. The pack has mostly accepted her as part of the pack. But now when Bryn goes exploring against the strict orders of Callum she finds out a secret the pack has been keeping from her. She finds a boy locked in a cage. Chase, the boy in the cage is a newly turned teenage werewolf. Bryn wants answers and she needs Chase to get them for her. It seems to be Bryn and Chase against the whole of the werewolf world.
Wanted to try this book as I had never read anything by this author before, and I didn't regret my decision. It has mystery and intrigue. It looks at how Bryn has fitted in to pack life, it has close friendships, the type where you would die for each other and also a touch of romance. It is well written so the book flows easily and the plot isn't too complicated so you can read it fairly quickly. I finished the book hoping for a book two, and yes there is one it's called Trial by Fire.

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