Saturday, 13 August 2011


ISBN: 9780441016150
Publisher: Ace
Pages: 294
Formats Available: Paperback, Kindle

Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs is the first book of the Alpha and Omega Series.
Anna didn't know that werewolves really existed, until she became one herself after she had survived a savage attack. She had to start out at the bottom of the pack, and she is still there after three years. Anna has had to learn, often the hard way, that she must keep her head down, and most importantly never ever trust a dominant male. Anna is one of the rarest types of wolf that exists, she is what is known as an Omega. Soon one of the most powerful werewolves in the country will recognise her as his mate, and he will value her as one of his pack.
I enjoyed following Anna's life, she starts out kind of downtrodden, the bottom of the pack ladder. Anna puts up with awful things happening to her. Then she meets one of the most powerful werewolves in the country who wants her for his pack. But, not only does he want her as a valued pack member he want her for his mate! Doe this mean things are looking up for Anna? Should she trust this dominant male? Read the book and find out! I won't go into an explanation on what an Omega is as you will learn that at the right time within the book and I hate spoilers in reviews. I couldn't get enough of this book. Everyone likes an underdog like Anna , or should that be and under-wolf? Anyway this book is well worth reading you really will not be able to resist the pull of reading just one more chapter until the book is finished. My advice ? Buy the book! You won't regret it, especially if you liked the Rachel Vincent Shifter series.

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