Monday, 1 August 2011


Birthmarked by Caragh M. O'Brien is about a girl called Gaia Stone who is following in her mother's professional footsteps as a midwife. Though the duties of the midwife in this society doesn't just entail delivering a healthy baby and keeping the mother healthy. The first three babies born in every month are "Advanced". This means they are taken inside the Enclave.
Inside the Enclave is a more privileged life. These children know they are "adopted" but never know their real birth parents as no records are kept. The people in the enclave breed with others within the Enclave which in itself goes on to cause its own problems. It is literally a world of the haves (within the enclave) and the have nots (the ones that live outside the enclave walls).
Gaia's mother and father have kept their own secret record and Gaia's mother has "Birthmarked" all the babies she has delivered. The authorities within the enclave arrest Gaia's parents as they want this record.
The story also covers the fact Gaia has a burn scarring her face which she believes makes her ugly and unlovable etc. Gaia later learns how she came about this scarring and why. At times you actually ache for the character.

I really do not want to go much deeper into this story and give anything away as it is such a brilliant book to read. Its well written, the description is detailed. It is certainly one of my top books I would recommend to read.

This book is available for £4.99 from A memorable book that I cannot recommend highly enough, can't wait for the second book called Prized which is due out around November (approx)

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