Friday, 5 August 2011


Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin.
Avery's parents are dead, and the only thing she can remember about it is that she saw silver, deadly silver moving inhumanely fast. The more Avery wishes to remember who killed her parents, the more she can't. The only thing she can do is slowly piece her life back together.
Avery meets Ben in school, he is the mysterious new boy, she feels a strong connection she has never felt before. At first she trusts him totally, then she notices that his eyes flash silver, she's not the only one who remembers the flashes of silver the night her parents died.
I really enjoyed this brilliant book and wonder what the identity of the acclaimed author as Ivy Devlin is a pseudonym she is using. All I can say is if you loved Shiver, or Twilight you will adore this Teen novel.

Available at £4.47 or £4.46 on kindle or at £4.49

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