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ISBN: 978-1440464867
ASIN: B0011E486G
Publisher: Menendez Publishing
Pages: 250
Formats Available: Paperback, E-Book
Genre: Humour

BLURB from Goodreads
For Birdie Jaworski, life as an Avon Lady was a bittersweet mix of embarking on gossip-worthy adventures, searching for Mr. Right, and making emergency lotion requests in the middle of the night... while managing as a single parent. This collection of short stories—including “Mullet Madness,” “Fat Ass Evidence,” and “Wherein I Test a Product on an Animal”—captures Jaworski’s complicated relationship with the cosmetics giant (and her customers) and reveals a surprising and touching account of her personal life.

I bought this book from, as I fancied a humorous read. the cover depicts the Avon lady from the book and her two children delivering Avon catalogue's and samples, and basically it sets the tone for the book. I like the font and styling and placement of the book title and author name they all add to the comedic feel of the book.
The blurb gives you an outline of what to expect from the book, and it is spot on. 
This book is really laugh out loud funny in some places, others are like "Oh my gosh" situations and then theres the "I don't believe it, I mean . . .did that reeeally happen"
I do enjoy a light funny read every now and again. This book fits that bill perfectly,it's one of quite a few quirky titles I have bought to read in between my more serious books.
I really liked one situation in the book where, Birdie gets her male friend who lives at home with his mum to come around to her place so she can try out the latest Avon waxing kit. Birdie decides to try the kit out by shaving her rather hairy friend's chest. The problem is the hair on his chest is sooo long she has to. . . er cut it down so it's short enough to wax. The scene in the book is just described so well and detailed that you can actually visualise it in your mind!
That is just one of many, many stories that Birdie tells us about.
The price of the E-Book was great at 77p or around that price too. I wouldn't have paid over £2 for it as it was just for a fun light read. I think the paperback is er..quite expensive though. I don't think I would have paid that much for the it. I did enjoy the book but perhaps not as much as say, the checkout girl book I read, or even the postman one.
So did I enjoy the book? Yes, for a light comedy read it was good. Though I did prefer to read it in short bursts rather than reading it like a normal book. It's definitely the type you can pick up and read, then put down, read something else, then go back to. Would I recommend the book? As a comedy dip in and out of book yes. Would I read more by Bridie Jaworski? I would certainly take a look at any other titles by her.

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