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ISBN: 978-0758280688
Series: Alone Series
Publisher: K-Teen
Pages: 256
Formats Available: Paperback
Expected Release Date: 1st May 2013

BLURB from K-Teen
Jesse and a ragged band of survivors crawl through the wreckage of New York City looking for answers and a way home. They escaped the Chasers - for now. But the infected, zombie-like survivors are getting bolder and stronger. So when Jesse and his crew begin to see signs of human life, they can't believe their luck. Now they're the chasers, looking for someone to tell them the worst vacation is over. Of course, luck can be good and bad. And the enemy could be closer than your reflection in the mirror. . . . 

My daughter received this for review from K-Teen and as I had just recently read Chasers I decided to snag this one as soon as it arrived and read and review it as my daughter is in the process of reading some other titles at the moment.
So the cover, fits very well with Bk#1, the guy on the front presumably being Jesse in his hoodie with his head down. There's the New York skyline in the back ground to so the theme continues. The "Alone" series name is again featured and the series "logo" is actually explained within this book. I won't explain it as I think you should come across it within the context in the book. I love the byline again, this time it say's, "The smoke has cleared . . . Now they can see you...." So would I pick this book up from a book store shelf? Yes
The blurb gives us the bleak outlook that Jesse and any fellow survivors have to face on a daily basis. The blurb therefore describes the book very well,so  yes I'd say the blurb works.
So Jesse has seen signs of other survivors, will he ever find any. The book starts with Jesse in someones home watching a video they have made. the person on the video is called Felicity, and she's gone in search of the "friendly Chasers" the ones who still seem to have some humanity, that don't chase you down to drink your blood. So Jesse leaves a note before heading out into New York City again, with a time and place to meet up with Felicity.
So the drama and action continue in this book, Jesse does see other humans, but doesn't always get the help or comfort he wants from them.
I did enjoy this book, but it's so difficult to say much about it without giving away spoilers for it or book one! In this book we meet new characters, Felicity, Rachel, and Caleb. For who they are and what happens to them you'll have to read the book! There are new dangers to be faced in this book, there's the Chasers, the "virus/toxin", and the unexploded bombs too. If an unexploded bomb goes off it re-releases the "virus/toxin" into the air, so there's a renewed risk of being turned into a violent blood thirsty Chaser . . .Things aren't easy for Jesse, will he ever escape the horror that is New York City? Will he ever make it home? Does home even still exist anymore? How far has the destructive "virus/toxin" travelled across america or the world.
So did you enjoy the book? Yes! Would you recommend the book? To all those that love post apocalyptic tales yes. Will I read a Bk#3? Yes, I don't just want to know what happens to Jesse and his friends I now need to know lol! Would I read other books by James Phelan? Mmm yes, of course I really like his writing style.

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