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ISBN: 978-1440557101
Publisher: Merit Press
Pages/File Size: 305pages/448KB
Formats Available: Hard Cover, E-Book

BLURB from Goodreads
Flattered by the attentions of Nick, the cutest guy in school, seventeen-year-old Grace Warren, captain of the math team, lets down her guard and gets pregnant the night she loses her virginity. Hopeful that Nick will drop to one knee and propose when she breaks the baby news to him, Grace is heartbroken - Nick wants nothing to do with her. Her best friend, Jennifer, thinks she should get an abortion, but Grace is certain that her morally upright parents will insist that she keep the baby. After she comes clean to her super-religious, strait-laced parents, they surprise her by insisting that she terminate the pregnancy to avoid humiliating the family. But when she sees the fetus on the ultrasound, she decides she can't get rid of it. Deciding to save the tiny life growing inside of her, Grace must face the consequences of being that girl - the good girl who got knocked up.

I was sent a gorgeous hardback of this book, so a BIG thank you to Merit Press!
I love the simplicity of this cover, the title and the authors name in a simple font as well as the solitary hunched figure of the girl all alone on the cover. Then you read the blurb and learn the solitary girl on the cover is Grace. The cover piques your interest and the blurb reels you in a little further. Would I pick this one up from a bookshelf, yes I'd want to know more about the hunched figure on the front cover.
So Grace has ended up pregnant, proving that even the brightest girl can get caught up in the moment by the face of a gorgeous guy and the lies he spouts to get his wicked way with her.
Grace's family appear pretty normal, though quite religious, and Betsy Grace's mum is the head of a group that promotes "saving yourself until marriage" so when Grace finds out she's pregnant to say it comes as a shock to her rather strait laced parents is an understatement.
Betsy and Brad have always been rather verbal about the fact they are anti-abortion yet the first thing they try to do is force her to have an abortion. When Grace rebels against their wishes they simply stop talking to her, and eventually throw her and her belongings out of her home. So now Grace is pregnant, penniless and homeless too. What about the father of the baby Nick? What will Grace do now? Where will she go, her best friend Jennifer is out of town with her own parents. Grace's stunned that her formerly "loving/caring" parents have seemingly abandoned her.
Grace ends up being taken in by a neighbour, who turns out to be an angel in disguise really.
And that's all I am going to tell you as really you should read it yourselves. I seriously loved this book. It could be based on a true story as it is really realistic in it's content and what probably happens every day in different parts of the world. The book deals with serious issues such as, under age sex, teen pregnancy, abortion, adoption, and parental issues. All are dealt with in a serious and sensitive realistic way. With how the book ends I'm unsure as to whether there will be another book. There could be I suppose, I would probably have to read it if there was one. The book is really well written and you really feel Grace's point of view, as well as being shown the direction and point of view her parents have too.
So did I enjoy the book? Loved it! Would I recommend the book? It's YA at it's best that will appeal to most ages too. My elderly mum is going to give the book a go as well as my 17 year old daughter too. Would I read a Bk#2? Yes, I think I would as there is potential for more things to happen but having said that it could all end with this book too. Would I read more by Laurie Plissner? Definitely, I will be on the look out for more by this author, I love her style of writing and her descriptions of people and situations is really realistic and believable too.

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