Monday 27 May 2013


Title: Remember Me
Author: Amaleen Ison
Release Date: TBA
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Editor: Lea Finley
Cover Artist: Scott Carpenter
Genre: Young Adult
Format: E-book

BLURB supplied by the author Amaleen Ison
Sera isn’t living. She’s existing—barely. Bedbound by illness, she has no memory of life before the freezing barn she now calls home. A mournful song haunts her dreams and hints at a past not completely buried—one she’s desperate to uncover. Yet Father’s whirlwind visits to draw blood and administer medication don’t provide answers. He only confirms the one thing she already knows; she’s dying.
A lonely death without ever knowing her past seems inevitable until a sudden, mystifying return to health coincides with the arrival of a boy in the opposite out-building. The inextricable pull to the stranger, and the broken memories that storm her mind when he’s near, warn of a history quite different to any she could have imagined. If she’s to uncover the truth she craves, she’ll have to decide whether knowledge of the past is worth forfeiting her second chance at life.
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I feel really drawn to this cover, and I think if I saw it on a book store shelf I would be compelled to pick it up and learn more about it. I love the blues swirling around the girl on the cover as though she's either lost in a snow storm or perhaps lost at sea even. The publishers logo in the top left corner is discreetly placed and not intrusive to the cover. The font of the title, is glamorous, and elegant and has a "dreamy" quality to it. Where as the Author name is in what I would call a more business like font.
So would I pick it up from a bookshelf? Definitely!
I know this is supposed to be cover comments but I have to say that the blurb has me intrigued and has really made me want to add this one to my to read list!
At the moment there is no release date, but keep checking back as the Author has promised to let me know as soon as she has a release date for the book!

Amaleen Ison is a married mother of one. She lives with her family in Hertfordshire, England, along with her cats (Oscar and Winston), guinea pig ( LouLou), and gerbils (Blackberry and Pumpkinseed). She writes Young Adult fantasy stories that meander into a variety of sub-genres.
As a child, Amaleen lived most of her life in her head. She imagined herself in mystical lands populated by the weird and wonderful. She still spends way too much time daydreaming, but now she writes about her imaginings and weaves them into stories. The fantasy element is always important, but more so the hodgepodge of emotions that arise from her characters first time experiences.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking part in the cover reveal today. I love your comments and thoughts on the cover and blurb. And, of course, I'll let you know as soon as I have a release date. :-)