Sunday 12 May 2013


Dear Readers,

My name is Evelyn Ink and I am the sad conveyer of the tales regarding the ill-fated Darlington sisters. I must warn you, nail biting danger and bad behavior leaks from every page of the Sticks, Stones, and Dragon Bones books.

 Despite the redeeming aspects of this adventure (vikings, pirates, a creepy oracle with bad teeth and a terrible prophecy) the escapades of the sisters are sadly marred by their distasteful conduct and poor choices. Bean, a resourceful and intelligent child of a scientific nature, sadly chooses to run headlong into dangerous situations at every turn. Paige, her older sister; a thoughtful and literary young woman with a rather pessimistic outlook on life, rarely bothers using her understanding of shady characters and bad situation to make cautious and prudent choices. Worst of all are the twins, Hayde and Dorrit, of whom live by their own set of peculiar rules, rules based loosely on the ideologies of piracy and not taking baths.          
         As a dedicated author I am obligated to record these terrible events from every poorly constructed insult to every illogical decision. However you, as a reader have no such obligation to read them, and I suggest you don’t. I’ve heard there are several fantastic books out about well-behaving gnomes, polite ponies, and tea-sipping princesses, perhaps one of those books might be more suited for you...


Evelyn Ink  

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