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ISBN: 978-1907410673
ASIN: B0050C87J4
Series: Alone Series
Publisher: K-Teen
Pages/File Size: 261pages/325KB
Formats Available: Paperback, E-Book

BLURB from Goodreads

Four Teenagers.
One Destroyed City.
Thousands of
Infected Predators. 

Jesse is on a UN Youth Ambassadors camp in New York when his subway carriage is rocked by an explosion. Jesse and his three friends, Dave, Mini and Anna, crawl out from the wreckage to discover a city in chaos.

Streets are deserted. Buildings are in ruins. Worse, the only other survivors seem to be infected with a virus that turns them into horrifying predators... 

Outnumbered. No sign of life. Just them. And you... ALONE

My daughter Rachel of Rai29BookReadNReview received a copy of this book direct from the publishers K-Teen in exchange for her honest review. So as I love dystopian and we are hopefully going to be receiving an arc of BK2 in this series I decided I would read it. 
I have seen three different covers for this book, the one I have used above is the one I prefer the most if I had to choose just one. However I do love the byline and how it is printed slightly more prominently on the other cover. (see right pic). You all know by now that I love a good byline and yes the byline "Outnumbered. No Sign of life. Just them. And you." is on the cover to the right and there's a slightly differently worded version that says "No other survivors. Just you . . .and then"  on the cover pictured above its just not emphasized as much. The third cover is mostly different shades of a murky grey and I just didn't like that cover at all. I think the world globe pictured  (well I think it is to represent the world) on both covers with the Series name on works much better on the cover to the right better than the above cover. So why do I prefer the top cover? I like that there is a person on it, a typical teenager I suppose in a hoodie and jeans. The wreckage behind him feels and looks more realistic and perhaps more believable as there is a human in the picture with it. So would I pick this one up from a book store shelf? Yes I would definitely pick up either of the cover versions I have pictured. The blurb tells us of the devastation that has occurred, and lets you know it is a dystopian/post apocalyptic genre.
Now to the book, the main character in the book is a teenaged boy, Jesse. He has gone to a summer camp and is on a tube train on his way with the rest of his group to do some sight seeing. The train he is on is de-railed. He has to get out of the train and find other survivors, find help or rescue services. He manages to get out with some of his friends, and they hide out in a tall building whilst a decision is made what to do next. You see it's not just straight forward as it seems some sort of virus has hit the people that were outside when the disaster hit. All these people, or "Chasers" as Jesse and his group call them want is to drink. the Chasers drink anything, water, salt water from the sea, slush from the snow and if someone is injured they'll drink their blood....This book is well written, definitely well thought out by an amazing writers mind and what can I say what a twist at the end! I just would never have guessed. I know this may sound cryptic to those who haven't read the book but I will not give away this super twisted ending. I will say I am looking forward to Bk#2 a lot, to see what happens and answer the many questions I have.
So did I enjoy this book? Yes, really enjoyed it and was! at the twisted ending. Would I recommend this book? Yes to those who love dystopian, post apocalyptic and those who like drama and mystery too. Would I read BK#2? Yes please, I think myself and my daughter will be haggling about who gets to read Bk#2 first lol! Would I read other books by James Phelan? Yes, I liked the writing style and pace,so much I read it in just two reading sessions! Did the book remind me of any others I have read? Yes, it reminded me a little of Ashfall by Mike Mullins.

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