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Publisher:  Amazon Media
Pages: 72
Formats Available: E-book

BLURB from
Everyone needs to let off steam once in a while and this grumpy old postman does exactly that. He demonstrates with a mix of humour, sarcasm and cynicism just why his job is not as easy and straight-forward as it appears to be. 

The writer offers advice on how the public can affect the working life of their very own postman, for better or for worse. There are indeed 101 WAYS TO ANNOY YOUR POSTMAN - but equally, there are several ways you can make his life a little bit easier. The choice is yours!

You can read from start to finish, or dip in from time to time and enjoy the odd whinge, moan, complaint and rant from a hard-working, well-experienced but some say paranoid postman. 

It is written with a great deal of humility and the use of very few bad words. Great patience is shown in the face of severe provocation. Well, mostly. Enjoy it!

I actually bought this one from as a little "fun" read. The cover really could be so very much better, even a picture or comic style drawing of a post van or letter box, or even a front door with a letterbox. So not keen on this "cover" at all.
As for the book, it is funny and it is as it says on the cover 101 ways to annoy your postman, such as leaving trees, plant and hedges to overgrow the path, so they whack the postman as they go by.
Hanging your pretty floral hanging baskets directly over the door near the letterbox at just the right level for the postman to bang his head on.
Not answering the door, when they knock/ring the bell to deliver something too large to fit through your letterbox. 
Also the whole calling all postmen "Pat" thing, I have to admit that if I was a post man I guess I'd get sick of hearing that too.
This is an ideal book to read on the bus on the way to work or whilst sat in a waiting room waiting to be called for your appointment. Though be prepared for the strange looks if and when you actually laugh out loud at some of the comments in the book.
So did I enjoy the book? Yes it was quite funny in places. Would I recommend? As a quirky read yes. 

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