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Series: The Asylum Interviews
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Pages: 100
Formats Available: E-Book

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Gage's ex-girlfriend is back in town and needs help escaping a master vampire. While not the easiest of tasks, he certainly didn't count of getting help from a mysterious woman with a few secrets of her own.

Again I purchased this one from As I had read Blood by Moonlight, I wanted to read more of The Asylum series. I will admit I have managed to read the Asylum Interview novellas all in the wrong order but, to be truthful it hasn't really mattered. I have still enjoyed the novellas. I have loved learning more about the characters.
The cover I admit to not been as keen on. The female on the front could be either Trixie or Jo.
We see the protective side of Gage when it turns out his ex-girlfriend Jo is being mis treated by her new nest master Chester. As Jo has returned to town there are no spaces left in her old nest. there are only a number of spaces allowed since the government brought in certain rules and regulations to keep the vampires in line. So when Michelle, the leader of Jo's old nest tells Jo there's no room at the moment. Jo is forced to join the other nest in town which is ruled by a rather more sadistic, cruel and somewhat weird Chester.
Gage is upset, disappointed and enraged when Trixie lets him know how Chester is mistreating Jo, his first reaction is to nip around and rip Chester's head off! Then he listens to reason and decides to be more careful for Jo's sake and use a bit of magic to help.
I like all the characters in this series that I have come across so far, the protective, kind, generous yet hard, tough tattoo artist Gage,  the gentle giant troll Bronx and the cute little . . .well we don't officially know what she is yet so Trixie. we do know Trixie is hiding from someone or something as she is using glamour to disguise her appearance. Even though Gage can see through the glamour he keeps quiet, like Gage I am sure we will hear Trixie's Problem soon. So now we have met those that work at The Asylum tattoo parlour . . and some of Gage's friends too in Parker, Jill and Jo.
So did I enjoy this novella? Yes, once again, I really did. Would I recommend? Yes, though with a warning these novellas so far give me the feeling this series is more adult themed and aimed. Will I read more of this Series? I already have and yes I hope to read even more! Would I read other books/novellas by Jocelynn Drake? Yes I think I would try other books by her.

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