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BLURB from Goodreads
Scientist Mara Cadell created the Twin-Bred -- pairs of fraternal twins, one human and one Tofa -- to bridge the profound and dangerous gap between the human colonists on Tofarn and the indigenous Tofa. Unexpectedly, it is the Tofa host mothers who now claim the capacity to bring peace between the two. The Twin-Bred themselves have been forced to abandon their mission and their planet, in the hope of finding a less hostile home. Only one pair remain behind, seeking to build new and separate lives with their
own kind.

But Mara and the Twin-Bred should know by now that plans provide little protection. New challenges are in store for all the Twin-Bred, and for those whose lives they touch.

I was given a copy of this by the author Karen a Wyle in exchange for my honest review.
Immediately upon finishing BK#1 in this series Twin-Bred I asked Karen if there would be a  BK#2 and when would it be available? So I was pleased to be asked to actually read this book very early on in it's life. In fact I was so lucky when Karen asked me to beta read the book!
I only saw the cover after reading the book so I can't give an honest "first impression" of the cover prior to reading it. So I'll give my opinion from the after I've read the book prospective. I like the use of the wormhole, it's a very large part of the second book. A lot hinges on the wormhole. There's even the possibility everything will end with the wormhole. that entering the wormhole will spell the end for everyone. So featuring it on the cover is a good choice. I like the simplicity of the title & Author name font, as well as their placements.
So do I have anything negative at all to say about the cover? Mmm the only thing I aren't so very keen on is the block black parts, as a lot of self published authors seem to use this style. I would have rather had a plain black surrounding or just the whole wormhole and what surround it. Would I pick this up from a book shelf? Honestly yes but more to do with the fact I've read book one. The wormhole would attract me to this cover.
So the book literally picks up as the other left off. Mara is one again "in charge" even though it wasn't what she wished. The Twin Bred have kind of made her their leader even though she didn't want the role. 
The Tofa host mothers play a larger role in this book working together over some fairly political issues that have arisen. Then there's the issues of the murder that occurred in the last book. I won't go into detail as to do so would give spoilers for possibly both books. I did find some of the more political issues a little harder to take in, retain and understand, but then just as you are thinking I'll never understand this everything becomes much clearer.
My favourite parts of the book took place on the "mission" So is a new planet found? If one is found are there inhabitants? Are they friendly? Could that planet's inhabitants accept them settling there too? Would the planet even be suitable for them to live on? What if the planet already has conflict? Should they try to help? Or leave well alone and just try to find another planet?
Yes this may seem like a lot of questions its the way I want to show you the possibilities for what does/can happen this book, hopefully without giving away spoilers.
My most favourite character is Jak-rad, and I'd love a novella to know more of what happens to him. Though I'd still like another book to find out how the mission comes to its conclusion and how and if life goes on for the Twin-Bred.
So did I enjoy the book? Yes on the whole I did. there were times I was a little confused by things in the book, but everything does become clear. Would I recommend the book? If you read book one you must read this one!! Would I read a third book or some novellas? I would yes, I'd love more about Jak-rad and Randy. There are also still things I want to know about the possible new planet too. Would I read other books by Karen A Wyle? Yes, I already have actually!

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    Thanks for the recommendation :)

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