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By the time seventeen-year-old Delaney Maxwell is pulled out of the icy waters of a frozen lake, she has been under the water for eleven minutes. Delaney's heart has stopped beating. She is in a coma and officially dead. But Delaney pulls through. How? Doctors are mystified. Doctors do scans that show significant brain damage.Outwardly she has completely recovered, everyone want Delaney to be okay. But Delaney knows something is wrong. Pulled by sensations she can't control, she finds herself drawn to the dying. Is her brain predicting death...or causing it?
Then Delaney meets Troy Varga, who lost his whole family in a car accident and emerged from a coma with the same powers as Delaney. At last she's found a kindred spirit who'll understand what she's going through. But Delaney soon discovers that Troy's motives aren't quite what she thought. Is their gift a miracle, a freak of nature - or something much more frightening?
I honestly sat down, and read this whole book in one sitting, it was so good I didn't want to put it down. I in no way wish to give "spoilers" so will only discuss what I consider "spoilers" that are mentioned in the blurb. When Dekker and Delaney decide to walk across the lake your literally start to cringe as you know what is going to happen. Then, when Delaney falls, cracks the ice and falls through you literally hold your breath for her. This book has suspense, chilling thrilling parts, intrigue, and a little romance thrown in too. Bloomsbury Publishing compare this novel to If I Stay, Elsewhere and Before I Fall. I found this book well written, realistic and captivating. I loved the relationship between Dekker and Delaney. After Delaney falls through the ice Dekker feels responsible for her accident, as he was the one that persuaded Delaney to take the short cut across the lake with him that fateful day. Dekker and Delaney have been neighbours for years, ad literally brought up together, but does their relationship run deeper than just platonic friendship, as Dekker was the one to risk his life to rescue Delaney from the icy waters of the Lake. 
Delaney then meets Troy, a nineteen year old boy who had been in a coma similar to Delaney, but is he what he seems? He tells Delaney that he understands what she is feeling, and tries to talk her into dealing with the sensations the same way that he does. Is Troy's way of coping with the aftermath of the coma the right or the wrong way?.You need to read this great book to find out more, definitely one for the January Wishlists!

Available, £4.89 paperback, £4.65 on kindle!

Eleven minutes might as well be eternity underwater. It only takes three minutes without air for loss of consciousness. Permanent brain damage begins at four minutes. And then, when the oxygen runs out, full cardiac arrest occurs.  Death is possible at five minutes. Probable at seven. Definite at ten. Delaney Maxwell was underwater for eleven minutes. And she’s alive.

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