Friday 30 December 2011


BLURB from Netgalley

Laurel Dewey’s Detective Jane Perry is quickly becoming one of the most distinctive, dynamic, and unforgettable characters in suspense fiction today. She’s rock hard, but capable of extraordinary tenderness. She’s a brilliant cop, but she’s capable of making life-altering mistakes. She’s uncannily talented, and she’s heartbreakingly human.
In this novelette, Jane is called in to investigate the gruesome murder of a woman who profited greatly from the misfortunes of others. The case leaves Jane with little question about motive...and with a seemingly endless number of suspects.

This was the first of these books I had read in this series of books, and yes I enjoyed parts of it, but I do wonder if I would have enjoyed it more if I had read the book prior to this one. This book has a strong female character Jane Perry, which is always good, and the book is also fairly fast paced so that too is good, I don't really know how to explain other than saying i feel myself wanting to say but.... all the time I am writing this review. I had expected to enjoy this book a lot more than I did. It sort of spoilt it that I had totally worked out the ending before it happened. I can't help coming back to the point I made earlier that maybe I should have read book one in the series and then I would have enjoyed it more.

Available from, £4.99 paperback £1.09 on kindle

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