Friday 23 December 2011


Excerpts from Blood Rites,
Book 2 in the Grey Wolves Series

From Chapter 1
“Sit down, kick back and chill-out so I can fix this unruly mess you call your hair.”
      “You have to do it up off her shoulders because of the chomp, chomp thing, if you know what I mean,” Jen said, her teeth snapping together.
      “Gee, Jen. Thanks so much for the reminder of the fact that I’m going to be a chew toy later on tonight. I’m not nervous enough as it is or anything,” Jacque told her.
      “I’m just saying,” Jen said with a roll of her eyes and shoulder shrug, "If it was me who was going to get chomped on by a hot, drool worthy, Romanian fur ball, let's just say I wouldn't make him chase me too long."
"Yeah, well knowing you, Jen, the so called fur ball wouldn't be the only one doing the chomping," Sally teased her dryly.
"No doubt, my sweet wall flower. But more to the point, it wouldn't be just my neck he would be chomping on!" Jen apparently cracked herself up with that one because she nearly fell out of her chair laughing, although the shoe Jacque threw at her head didn't help matters.
"Jacque, quit throwing shoes at Jen's head. Jen, if at all possible quite being a pervert for like 5 minutes."
"Make it 2 1/2 minutes and we have a deal," Jen volleyed back.
"Shameless," muttered Jacque, "the nyphmo is utterly, undeniably shameless."
"We all gotta be something, Jac." Jen just had to have the last word, so Jacque and Sally finally relented.
From Chapter 6
. “How are you doing, Decebel?” Okay, Sally would admit that under the circumstances maybe that was a 'did you really just ask that' question, but hey, it was all she could come up with.
                Decebel raised a single eye brow at the brown headed human in front of him and considered the question. How was he? Did he even know how he was? The answer to that was simple, there was a whole lot of 'I’m hanging on by a thread' raging inside him. So naturally, he lied. “I’m doing fine. How are you?” See, Decebel thought to himself, I can be approachable when I put my mind to it.
                “Huh,” Sally acknowledged. “Are you always this reticent?”
Reticent? And here Decebel thought he was being so not reticent. Go figure.
                “I am guarding this door, I am not being reticent. I am being sensitive to my surroundings which can make me seem aloof.”
                “Well I’ll be, that’s the most I have ever heard you say,” Sally said in honest astonishment. “Wow, you were like, explaining yourself to me and stuff. Jen would be so proud of you.” Decebel visibly tensed at the mention of Jen. “You know, I think she thinks you’re like the chocolate bunnies they sell at Easter, you know all yummy on the outside but hollow on the inside.” Now Sally was pulling a Jen, her brain, mouth valve just would not seem to close.
                “She compares me to a bunny?” Decebel asked incredulously.
From Chapter 6
“I need to see her. Now.” Fane's eyes were glowing and his hands shaking at the amount of effort he was having to exert to keep his wolf under control.
      “That isn’t going to be possible until she is transferred to the burn unit,” Dr. Steele told him.
      “I don’t think you heard me right. I need to see my mate now.” Fane’s eyes continued to glow and his skin tingled with the need to change.
      Dr. Steele’s jaw tensed briefly but she quickly composed her face. “Mate? Don't you think you both are a little young to be deciding something permanent?"
      “I cannot, nor do I want, to change what fate has chosen for me. She is mine and you will either take me to her or I will tear this hospital apart to find her.”

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