Friday 30 December 2011


BLURB from Goodreads
Rather than do the expected thing, Christmas Daniels, pursued a high powered career in London, flying across the world, never being home long enough for anything. When her father is taken ill, she returns to run Hollies Christmas Emporium, an all year round Christmas shop. 

Matt Pringle doesn't make a good impression on his new boss when he accuses her of stealing his parking space. Wanting to make up, he tries to impress her, but ends up falling for her instead.

When the bank threatens the store with closure, Chrissie sacrifices everything to try to save it. A committed Christian, Matt knows that Chrissie needs saving just as much.

Will their growing attraction help Matt save Christmas before it’s too late?

A Lovely, heartwarming, Christmas romance. A rather bumpy start to the romance as Matt does not start out on great terms with Chrissie, his new boss. Though Matt still ends up falling for his new boss. Things are not all easy for Chrissie who has financial worries, in relation to the shop, with the bank set to close her shop even though she is willing to make every sacrifice she can to keep the shop going.
The book was well written, and I really enjoyed it , the only disappointment I had was that it ended too abrubtly for my liking. I wanted it to go on a little more, sort of spread the ending out a little more. Well worth buying for a festive read! It didn't take long to read either! Definitely well worth the price!

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