Friday 30 December 2011


BLURB taken from Netgalley

A twist of fate...
A promise to her sister sends rising ballet star Cheryl Steele temporarily back to the hometown she fled years ago in disgrace. Then an unexpected snowstorm and an injured foot land her in the home of Sam Hardin.
Sam’s two little girls wrap themselves around her heart…while they scheme to make Cheryl not a guest or temporary nanny, but their new mom. But staying with the Hardin family makes Cheryl uneasy. She fears confessing past secrets to Sam and fears her plans for the future are unraveling. Because the longer Cheryl
stays with Sam, the more it all feels so right…

This book was a medium type of pace and I enjoyed it all the way through to the happy ending. Sam and Cheryl go through various trials and tribulations before things turn right for them. I liked the characters of Sam and Cheryl and enjoyed their happy ending. I can't really think of anything else I can say that will not give away spoilers, so I will sum up with a definitely worth reading!

Available from, and £3.80

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