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ISBN: 9781301266692
Series: Dark Fire
Publisher: Self/Indie
Pages/File size: 280
Formats Available: E-Book

BLURB from Goodreads
When worlds collide, myths become reality.

Dragons, vampires and other mythical creatures suddenly find themselves on Earth. Thousands are dead and war looms on the horizon.

For Emma, life is no longer perfect, not with monsters out of legend appearing in the forest behind her house.

When Tyler sets his eyes in her direction, she knows the bloodthirsty creatures (trying to kill her) are the least of her worries, especially when her blood heats to the boiling point every time the gorgeous shape shifter looks her way.

Too late, she realizes having a dragon’s unwavering attention is a dangerous place to be, because there is a fine line between attraction and prey.

Death is no longer in her distant future, it haunts her every move.

NOTES you may wish to know before reading the book.
This e-book contains minor curse words and sexual innuendo. 16+ is the recommended reading age.Contained in this e-book:
Emma: A Dark Fire YA Novel - 71,000 words
Plus a large bonus excerpt! Exile: The Prequel (Sídhí Summer Camp series #3) - 23,800 words
Sídhí Glossary - 1,900 words

As I had read quite a lot of the Sidhí Books by Jodie B Cooper, she asked me if I'd like to read this new book by her.  The cover is okay, it has things relevant to the book on it, for example Emma with the soul mate tattoo on her arm. I think the cover is okay and because I have read other books by this Author I would surely pick it up on a book store shelf. I just think the cover could be so much better, but not sure how, as the book is a great read. I love the byline of "When worlds collide, myths become reality".
So something strange is happening and the world as we know it, is no more as our world and the mystical land of dragons, vampires, witches etc has morphed together, ad this is the basis of the story of what happens. This book also has the theme of the soul mate bond.
An "earth girl" named Emma meets Tyler a Wer Dragon (a very strong important Royal Dragon). I don't want to go into specifics of the book as you really should read it for yourself but there's the whole political issue of the "world government" and the "mystical world" leaders. There's betrayal within the "mystical world", as well as the two worlds meeting and the species mixing. For the first time in many years humans and becoming mates to the wer. Which is what happens with Tyler ad Emma. They do both try to fight the feelings, and reason and think their way out of it but does true love win? There are many new species for us to learn about and there turns out to be a lot for the mystical world to know about us humans.
This book has action, drama, intrigue, mystery,with love and friendship, with some loyalty ad betrayal thrown in too.
So did I enjoy the book? Yes, I read it all in one go! Would I recommend the book? Especially if you loved the other Sidhí books by Jodie B Cooper. Would I read more in the Dark Fire Series?  Yes I'd like more of Tyler & Emma, Lydia & Keith, and Kayla. Perhaps Kayla could find her soul mate?  Would I read other books by this Author? Yes, I like the style of Jodie's writing along with it's pace and content.

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