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Karen grew up the only girl in the middle of two brothers. She adored both in their own ways, but never really fit into their worlds. Like her characters Alik and Evan, the boys were very different.
If she wanted a playmate, Karen had to gear up to go dirt-clod fighting, be the losing team of (broken) green army guys or brave the flimsy bicycle ramp my older brother was focused on.
Either that, or plan to help erect intricate Lego architecture while hearing the mathematical algorithms and possible big-bang theories of what happened to dinosaurs from her little brother.

Needless to say, Karen suffered a lot of skinned-up knees, elbows and even scraped off an eyebrow or two trying to keep up with the older brother and probably still has a Lego embedded in her thigh from sitting on the floor surrounded by the teeny-tiny pieces in her little brother’s realm.
(Oh, and did I mention she hates math?)

Often by herself, recuperating from her brothers’ attentions, she created entire worlds of make-believe and adventure with stuffed animals and books in her bedroom. Hours of storytelling, personally made sound effects and character voices entertained her to the point of utter happy distraction. Hindsight shows she’s been a storyteller all her life.

Thanks to her brothers, she has a lot of stories to tell. Karen says, ” I love you Jeremy and Field. You’re the best brothers a girl could have–even if you did scar me for life more than once.”
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