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ISBN: 978-1780621357
Series: Dance Of The Red Death
Publisher: Indigo, Orion
Pages/Files Size: 336pages/650KB
Formats Available: Hardcover, Paperback, E-Book
Release Date: June 2013

BLURB from Goodreads
Bethany Griffin continues the journey of Araby Worth in Dance of the Red Death—the sequel to her teen novel Masque of the Red Death.

In Dance of the Red Death, Araby’s world is in shambles—betrayal, death, disease, and evil forces surround her. She has no one to trust. But she finds herself and discovers that she will fight for the people she loves, and for her city.

Her revenge will take place at the menacing masked ball, though it could destroy her and everyone she loves…or it could turn her into a hero.

With a nod to Edgar Allan Poe, Bethany Griffin concludes her tragic and mysterious Red Death series with a heroine that young adult readers will never forget.

After reading Bk one a while ago I was really looking forward to reading Bk#2 but was worried I would have forgotten key points from BK#1, but I need not of worried as it all came back once I began reading Bk#2. The first book Dance Of The Red Death ended on such a cliff hanger I really looked forward to reading this book. Will it live up to my expectations?

I received a paperback copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for my honest review.
I love the cover pictured above of this book and the other that goes with the series. I think the female on the cover is Araby. I love the differences of colours in the series covers yet they also have things in common too. Bet they look brilliant lined up and faced out on a book store shelf.
So we pick up with all the characters in the airship. Araby is desperately worried for her best friend as it seems certain she has contracted the infection. So at the same time as loving and protecting her friend Araby finds herself also having to keep her distance somewhat and to try and prevent the youngest from getting the infection too.
We travel along with the somewhat motley crew of friends in the airship, as they look for answers and a cure for the old and new strain of the disease that is literally running riot in the city. They do pick up a few extra people as the book goes along so the byline is really fitting "Rebellion is contagious" Elliott is as confident and arrogant as before, he always thinks her is right and has way is best, though he is forced to tolerate Will's presence by Araby. Araby, Will and Elliott have the whole love triangle going on. Mmm which "team" would I say I was on? Well being totally honest and keeping n open mind it changes as incidents happen within the book as to who I think would be best for Araby. There is the fact that Will betrayed Araby and traded her for that of the two youngsters. At times I'd say Araby and her friends are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. They have to be careful whom they trust. 
I feel I can't get into detail as I'd either give spoilers out or it wouldn't sot of make sense.
The book is full of suspense, and drama. There's Araby's emotions  and memories of Finn and her father and mother. Araby realises some of the memories and emotions were directed at the wrong parent. Araby blamed her mother for abandoning her for a life of parties whereas Araby's mum left her and Finn to protect them and allow them to stay hidden with their father. Araby's mum it turns out is literally a puppet to be pulled from a locked "prison" room when her talent of piano playing is required. 
One of the larger scenes in the book is the gran dance organised by Propero. Araby is there and offends and upsets Prospero so he sends for her mother and breaks some of her mothers fingers to punish Araby. This act also means that until her hand is healed araby's mum is of no use so is at the mercy of Propero even more. Propero is a very controlling who makes sure people fear him so much that they do as he says and wants without question. If they question he merely disposes of them.
There's a rumour of a cure . . . apparently Araby's father almost had it. Then there's a rumour about a way to purify the water, but the machine that does this has to be found, and the keys that work the machine need to be found.
So did I enjoy the book? Yes, it is a really good well written Bk#2. I think the danger in a series is that the second book is sometimes dull and wishy washy or stretches out too much, But this Bk#2 is gets things just right and sets the scene well for Bk#3. Would I recommend the book? Yes if you enjoyed Bk#1 this is a must read! I think this series is a really great one too. Would I read any more of this series? I'd love to read the 1.5 once I find out where it's available, and of course I will want to read Bk#3. Would I read other books by Bethany Griffin? Yes as I like the style and pace of both of the books I have read.

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  1. I really enjoyed book 1 and need to get this. They are so different. Great review Sandra :)