Saturday 24 August 2013


Can you share your idea of the perfect soundtrack to 
The Reborn: The Book Of Dain with us?

The Kill by Thirty Seconds to Mars -
My publisher thought The Reborn reminded her of this songs.

Distant Memory by Brienne Moore
Skin by Brienne Moore -
These songs got me in the epic love mood.

I Don't Recall by Lavender Diamond -
This song helped me with the first 2 chapters and chapter 10

There I Go Again by Amos Lee
May I Remind You by Amos Lee -
Amos Lee always gets me in an emotionally raw mood. So if I need to write melancholy he was the go to for this book.

Better Man by James Morrison -
100% how Dain feels for Tara. It is a heavy, swoontastic song for their love.

Beautifully by Jay Brannan -
THIS is Missy's song perfectly.

Honest Face by Liam Finn -
This is how Dain and Dylan feels about Missy. Very torn and it got me in that headspace.

Gawd Above by John Fullbright -
The Faculty / Facility song

Blank Maps by Cold Specks -
Sounds like a jaunty journey song.

Take My Lips by Ferras
Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum -
Romantic songs that makes me happy and when happy I kill off less people. :)

Never Quit Loving You by Jill Barber -
When I was trying to understand Tara when I couldn't figure out why she kept trying, this song was her perspective.

Darling, Darling, Darling by Justin Townes Earle-
Dain's song for Tara even when I had him interacting with other girls I had to remember who was in his heart.

Look the Other Way by Justin Townes Earle -
This song is for scenes with Bonnie and Dain. Theirs is an interesting dynamic.

Peppermint & Glue by Shannon Little -
This song helped me feel what Bonnie tries to get Dain to understand about Tara.

You Make It Real by James Morrison -
I use this for Dylan when he struggled with Dain's emotions for Tara.

You're Not Alone by Marie Miller -
I love Akila and Dain's relationship. This song is the embodiment of it for them both.

Not Enough by Avril Lavigne -
The Ending.

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