Thursday 29 August 2013



Sola pushed her fingers through her hair, trying desperately to untangle the mess of curls bundled at the top of her head. She was late, again, and only had enough time to shower, brush her teeth, and finger combed her hair. She’d thrown on a teal green short-sleeved blouse outlined in black, a pair of skinny jeans, and her most comfortable ballet slippers. There was a small tour at work that day, and she’d decided to dress a bit more business casual than usual.
She looked at the clock on her wall and groaned. “Damned curls! You’re always getting tangled.” She winced as she tugged at them and yanked her scalp.
In high school, her hair had been one of her best features—wild and curly, with a touch of natural copper coloring. The boys always wanted to run their hands through it, and the girls always wondered how an African American mother and father could have possibly produced a toffee-colored girl, with hazel eyes and natural golden highlights. Her mother always said she looked like a young Minnie Gentry, but with a riot of curls on her head. She loved to tell Sola that she had an untamed wildness to her beauty that couldn’t be mimicked with any amount of makeup, but Sola didn’t know who Minnie Gentry was, nor did she care about some untamed wildness.
The alarm on her phone beeped again, and Sola gave up with a huff. She grabbed tangle-free hair band and her spray bottle of water. The water would make detangling her curls easier, but the heat outside would cause her hair to frizz later, but since time wasn’t on her side, she didn’t have a choice. She was supposed to being giving a tour of the shipyard museum to some middle school kids.
She always wondered who really cared about the shipyard. Okay, yes it was where part of the popular horror film Jennifer’s Body was filmed, but in the end the director, Karyn Kusama, cut the scenes that included the shipyard, so what was everyone so excited to see?
It didn’t matter, though; working at Jesper Ship Yard was the only way Sola could keep her tiny apartment without the direct help of her parents.
After throwing her damp hair in a ponytail, she grabbed her bag and headed out the door and down the stairs of her apartment complex.

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