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ISBN: 978-1490575704
ASIN: B00DP1330A
Publisher: Self/Indie
Pages/File Size: 207pages/395KB
Formats Available: Paperback, E-Book

BLURB from Goodreads
Twitch was born into the system: the system of Society members and lower designates. Unfortunately for her, she belongs to the latter group. Lower designates are tracked for a task and expected to do what they’re told, when they’re told, from birth on. Twitch has never known anything different. She lives her life from day to day, working at the Pre Ward, trudging home to the complex at night, following the rules because to defy them means imprisonment, or even death.

Still, when her only real friend mysteriously disappears, Twitch asks one too many questions. She’s caught in a trap from which she can’t escape, her fate in the hands of a mad man.

But someone notices Twitch—someone cares enough to risk it all to save her. She discovers another world, where secret plans are being laid to overthrow the system and liberate the lower designates. And Twitch has a key role to play. Or does she?

Who do you believe when your life is filled with lies? What is the truth? Twitch will have to trust someone. Or die trying.

I received a kindle copy of this book direct from the Author Jack Blaine in exchange for my honest review. I like the cover, it's very stark, white and clinical, which is exactly the type of surroundings that Twitch works in everyday. The cover is also very emotionless which is what the "workers" and especially Twitch in her job has to be.
So would I pick the book up from a book store shelf to learn more about it? Yes I really would. I'd want to know more about  the person pictured on the cover.
In this book there is a class or caste system. Everything is regimented in this society, everyone knows their place as well as the dire consequences if they do step out of line.At a certain age everyone (except those born into society) are "tracked" and given a job to do. Twitch works in the baby ward. When the "Breeder's" have their baby he/she is immediately removed from them and given to the "baby helpers" via a door. The Breeders never even hold their baby or name them. The Baby Helpers take care of the babies and give extra care to those that may need it. Some of the Helpers also give the babies little pet names. Any baby that is known to be weak or ailing is basically "cut" or in other words euthanised/killed. The Baby Helpers have to do this without any question. Anyone that steps out of line or asks too many questions literally "disappears". No one has real friends as everyone has to watch each other and report to the government if any infractions of the law are committed. This system does not lend itself to making friends. Even though this is the case, Twitch has a "friend" called Benna. When Benna disappears Twitch asks one too many questions and the director takes he to his home where she is thrown in a pantry and only taken out when the Director wishes to rape her. You may think things cannot get any worse but their are low lives that buy such women as Twitch to abuse and kill whilst filming it all.
I won't go into much more detail but finally Twitch seems to get a "lucky" break when the "libbers" (those against the class/caste system, rescue her but the danger never goes away as the libbers have a "job" in mind for her. they want Twitch to pose as a society woman and infiltrate other homes to recruit other libbers.
As to if Twitch accepts and what happens next you'll must buy the book!
So did I enjoy the book?I loved it! It's dystopian, it has lots of emotion for a book about a society that does not allow any kind of emotion in the lower classes. I had wanted to read this book since reading Helper12 which introduced me into this strange society of people.
Would I recommend the book?Yes, I would, I think there's a subtle message about class systems and to not be as judgmental etc. Would I read another book based within this society? Yes I definitely would! I'd like to know what happens to the libbers and how they recruit more and what their plans are. Would I read other books by Jack Blaine? I certainly would!

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