Monday 5 August 2013


I don't know about you fellow book lovers but more and more whilst reading a book I will hear a song and think wow that would so fit that scene from that book! So I love learning about the music the Author listened to whilst writing a book as well as what music they would put together as a soundtrack to their book too.

Here Anna Cruise is answering the question of what she listened to whilst writing "It Was You"

I honestly can’t listen to music while I’m writing. Low in the background is okay. But blaring and in my face? I lose my train of thought and I can’t focus. But here are the songs I listened to while I was thinking about writing It Was You:

Stolen - Dashboard Confessional. One of my all-time favorite songs and I could see Abby and West together at the end of the book, listening to this song.

I’m Falling Even More in Love With you - Lifehouse. I kept hearing this as Abby and West grew closer over the course of the book.

Safety Suit - Stay. The lyrics in this one really hit home when Abby leaves West. The words felt like his. Also - one of the least appreciated bands out there today.

Teenage Whore - Hole. Oh, hey, Annika. What’s up?

Damn Regret -- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Again, another totally underappreciated band. But the title of this song ran through my head, over and over. Abby and West both have regrets in this book. Lots of them.

Catch My Breath -- Kelly Clarkson. I know, I know. This is probably about a girl breaking free from some asshole guy. But wanna know how I heard it? Abby breaking free from Annika.

Wanted -- Hunter Hayes. If West was gonna sing a song to Abby, this is the song I could hear him singing. A punked-up version, of course. :) But the words...swoon...what girl wouldn’t want their guy to sing this song to them??

Those are the ones that stick out for me, that I think really offer a flavor for the themes in the book. I could probably pick about a hundred others, but, uh, then I wouldn’t get anymore books written!


Abby Sellers – The good twin. She's no angel but, compared to Annika, she looks like Mother Teresa reincarnated. Fed up with being overshadowed and bullied by her twin sister, she makes the drastic decision to switch up her college plans, opting to enroll at the local JC instead. Turns out, it was probably the best 'bad' decision she's ever made.

Annika Sellers – What's there to like about Annika? Unless you're a dude looking for an easy hook-up, not much. She's beautiful and bold and takes what she wants...from whomever she wants. And even though she's a total bitch, there is a softer side to Annika—and a reason behind why she does what she does.

West Montgomery – The uber-hot baseball player/surfer who storms into Abby's life and refuses to take no for an answer. He's got a bit of a temper and hits the sarcasm ball out of the park, but he can bake a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies. And he completely melts Abby's heart.

Tana – Abby's best friend. She's the best friend every girl wants, the kind of friend every girl deserves. She pushes Abby and supports her but she's not just the requisite cheerleader...she's got some issues of her own, hilarious issues that Abby helps her out with as she makes the transition from their hometown in San Diego to college life in San Luis Obispo.

Griffin – West's best friend and roommate. We don't see this massive, overbearing oaf a ton in this book but when we do, he completely steals the scenes he's in. Yeah. He's that charming and that funny and goddammit, now I want to write a book about him.

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