Tuesday 22 November 2011


Button and Bow: Friends Forever

by Susanna Jennicrai; Illustrated by Sarah-Jane Waller
An imaginary adventure tale with important lessons and concepts for young children. Enjoyable, attractive and educational, this story can be enjoyed and treasured.
Button and Bow were best friends and lived next door to each other. They always played together. One day, they made a secret plan they decided to go on a journey to a nearby wood. They met some wild animals on their way, who helped them to find it.
A misunderstanding caused Bow to get lost inside the wood. Sadness followed. Suddenly and unexpectedly, help came, literally from nowhere. The problem was solved, through care and kindness. Button and Bow found happiness again and learned an important lesson never to be forgotten!
A perfect gift for that special occasion in any child's life.
This story is suitable for boys and girls, especially the Nursery/Infant or lower Junior age range. (4 to 7 years)

I read this book through  and I think it would be really suitable for being read to young nursery children at story time, it could also be used at home to read with the slightly older child,this book teaches about friendship, about what could happen if you wander off alone, and also deals with rule breaking so it has lots of subtle moral hints, like an Aesops fable type of tale. It was enjoyable and had names that children would remember such as Olivia the Owl, and Freddie the Frog, names that started with the same letter of the actual animal. The book also included interesting facts about the animals such as Olivia the Owl can hear really well and see very good in the dark etc. So that even though the children are enjoying storytime and they think it is just "fun time" they are actually learning quite a lot!
The book teaches about relationships, cousins and also friends. In a way it is also attempting to teach children to be safe and stick to the rules and not wander off. Which is a very valuable and important lesson to learn these days.

Available here from Susanna'a own website http://www.susanna-jennicrai.co.uk/ and are around £6.00 but Susanna offers discounts for ordering more than one book. 

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