Tuesday 15 November 2011


Q What is your name, where were you born and where do you live now?

My name is Natasha Larry. I was born in Fort. Riley, KS. Right now I live in Huntsville, Alabama. 
Q Did you always want to be a writer? If not what did you want to be?

I think, in a way, I’ve always wanted to be a writer. In high school I was in choir, and sometimes I still wish I was good enough to be on the big Broadway stage. There was also a short period of time when I was small that I wanted to be She-Ra. =) 

Q What is the name of your latest book, and if you had to summarize it in less than 20 words what would you say? 
Unnatural Law and I’d use the last paragraph from my latest review.  If you're looking for something intriguing, mind boggling, and awesome, Natasha delivers.  

Q Who is your publisher? or do you self-publish?

Penumbra Publishing is a small, independent publisher.

Q How long does it usually take you to write a book, from the original idea to finishing writing it?

It took me about a month to write the first book in this series. For the second, it was around 5 or 6 weeks.

Q What can we expect from you in the future?  ie More books of the same genre? Books of a different genre?

Right now I’m ironing out the third book in this series. I know it sounds silly, but I have a big decision to make regarding some of the main characters and I’m having trouble with it.  LoL. I also have another, unrelated novel in the works. It’s not Darwin’s Children related, but it is in the same genre.

Q Do you have a favorite character from your books? and why are they your favourite?

Oh, Matt Carter is my favorite, without a doubt. For me, he was the most challenging and the most fun to write. He also changed the direction this series is going in.

Q How do you market/promote your books?

I do a lot of online networking and I work with a lot of book bloggers. Lately, I’m getting into doing more book signings. I’m pretty shy so it’s hard to put myself out there, but I’m swiftly learning to get over it.

Q What do you do to unwind and relax?
I drink a lot ;) No, drinking is bad. I actually sing to relax… it never fails.

Q Are there any hidden messages or morals contained in your books? (Morals as in like Aesops Fables type of "The moral of this story is..")

Yes, it’s kind of dorky though =) It is that hope always overshadows fear. “In fearful day, in raging night. With strong hearts full, our souls ignite. When all seems lost in the war of light, look to the stars, for hope  burns bright.” That’s the Blue Lantern Oath-it always inspires me.

Q Is there a certain Author that influenced you in writing?

I think a lot of authors influence my writing. One is Judy Blume.

Q Do you think ebooks will ever totally replace printed books?

Q Are there any New Authors you are interested in for us to watch out for? and Why should we watch out for them?

Yes, Nova Sparks and Kira Saito. They are both wonderfully imaginative and incredibly talented.

Q What piece of advice would you give to a new writer?

Well, I don’t know how qualified I am to be giving advice, but I would say the one thing everyone needs is a good writing buddy. Someone you can share what you’re working on with, and who can give you good and honest critique. Its rough out there, having someone that is going through similar experiences is invaluable. 

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