Thursday 17 November 2011


Entering Kayla’s room, I stopped dead in my tracks.  One, two, . . . too many people.  Not only were Kayla, Skye, and Nicholas here but so were Peony and Geoff.  “Um, what is going on?”
“And why are you all waiting in my sister's room,” Declán added.
“That too.”
“Relax little sis, we are all here because Kayla here came up with an interesting idea for everyone.  We are all going to the party together,” Geoff said smiling at me.  Nicholas had a confident posture and a wicked grin.
“What party,” asked Declán?  “I was planning on taking Anya to a movie actually.”
“Shhhh. . . big brother, we already have both your outfits ready.  Just go get changed.  Your clothes are on your bed,” she added pushing Declán out the door.  “As for you Anya.  Skye. . .”  Skye grabbed my hand and started pulling me out of the room too.
We entered the large master bath where it seems my clothes were waiting.  An embroidered silver satin corset that tied up the back was laid out for me; it was a shorter kind, the type that would leave my lower midriff exposed entirely.  Next to it was a long, silver satin hip-hugger skirt with slits up both sides to just above the knee.  Seems they even though of footwear for me; there were knee high boots with 3-inch heels, again in silver, sitting on the floor in front of the sink.

“Okay, we are all going out together, that makes me nervous enough, but why do we not at least get to know the where?”  This was making me jumpy.
Nicholas just smiled as he drove, “It’s a surprise you two, just relax.”
Declán patted my shoulder, as his arm was around me.  His outfit was much simpler but still very nice looking.  He was in a basic French-cuff button down shirt – the top and bottom two buttons were undone – with dark jeans.  “I’m sure,” Declán said with a gulp, “that Nicholas would not take us someplace dangerous.”
“I heard that Dec, and no, you will be in no danger, other than of having too much fun.  Now lighten up we’re almost there.”  Nicholas’ grin had not let up this entire time, what are they up to?
As we turned the corner, I noticed something new on the strip.  A new club it looked like; to my surprise, that is where we stopped.  The sign said ‘Club Eternity’ and it already had, it seemed, a large patronage tonight.  “You said party, this looks suspiciously like a club.”
“Well, it is a club, eighteen and up so you can get in,” Nicholas chided.  “This is Star’s new toy; she wanted it to be a surprise.  Besides, it is a party, an opening night party.  Come on you two, smile.”
Declán began laughing and shaking his head.  “Come on Anya, it could be fun.”
As the night wore on, we drifted sometimes together and at other times alone around the club.  It was something to behold truly.  The music was loud and just seemed to inspire dancing.  The lights were wild, causing interesting reactions to not only skin like mine but also to the servers – who all seemed to be painted in some kind of shimmer spray – and some of the other patrons.  There were two dance floors separated by the large bar.
I spent a long time mingling and observing the humans.  They are always so interesting to watch, especially when excited.  I turned the corner to head to the larger dance floor when I notice Declán talking to a girl I had never seen before.  This would not have bothered me except that at the same moment I saw her I also caught her scent.  Not human!  Not wanting to cause a scene and draw unneeded attention to what I am, I chose to – against my better judgment – head over without calling to Nicholas or Declán.
“Ah, ah, ah, I wouldn’t do that if I be you,” the strange female streamed, where I could hear but he never could have.
“Get away from him,” I growled in return.  She moved away a little but relatively stayed her ground.  Moving in to wrap one arm around his waist, I pulled him behind me.  “You are not welcome here and especially not near this one!”  I was so furious I was vibrating slightly.
“A new pet,” she purred.  “You’ve always been such a strange little creature, haven’t you?  We just be talking.”  She looked amused, maybe she did not understand the danger she was facing.  “Weren’t we pet?”
“Mmmm, yesh ma’am,” Declán slurred.  “Is okay Anya, we weres just talkin’.”  Glancing back just enough to see his face I suddenly became aware of two things; first, he was dazed looking and secondly, he had two small wounds on the left side of his neck.
 “You bit him?”  I could hear the others converging on our position now.  “You will never bite anyone ever again!” I growled.  I could feel myself losing control; I needed to get Declán away, quickly.
Shifting into a half crouch, I felt Nicholas slide in beside me doing the same.  “Geoff, Peony, take Declán, now, and get him out of here.”
Nicholas put a restraining hand on my arm, “Not here.  Out back.”
Fine.  “We three will go out back to talk,” I commanded.  “Bog leat soith!” I snarled at the female.  I could hear Nicholas sigh but did not have time to find out why right then.
‘She’ moved gracefully toward the back door without a pause.  Her eyes kept the unfocused glaze my voice often caused even as she turned to face us once in the alley.  “This be totally unnecessary.  I wouldn’t kill your pet.”  I could feel my teeth descend without conscious command as I continued to growl; she finally appeared troubled.
“Why are you here?” snapped Nicholas.
“I be sent to observe her,” she said twitching her chin at me.  “I just wanted to know more about her.”
“She bit Declán, Nicholas,” I hissed.
“It just be easier for me to enter their mind and memories that way,” she answered.  “It won’t damage him, don’t stress so child.”
“You are dead, do you hear me.”

Lights started flashing around me for a moment and then I was no longer in the alley.  Where am I?  Looking around, I was in a strange octagonal room.  I could feel panic and fear within but with a sort of residual, not quite real sensation.  Walls, ceiling, and floors were all a rough silvery metal.  I was restrained to the wall at my wrists, chest, waist, and ankles; there was also some kind of strange gag in my mouth.  The gag was not painful but it had a protrusion that made it where my teeth were locked in one position.  I could smell blood, fresh human blood but could see no one but the same strange woman I was just growling at; she was standing in front of me sneering.  The only sound, other than our breathing was when she spoke.  “You really should be more cooperative child.  It wouldn’t be so painful if you just behaved better.”  Searing pain and light. . .

“Anya, Anya!”  Nicholas was shaking me roughly and yelling my name.
I could not seem to find my voice; I just stared into his eyes, which reflected the horror I felt in my own.
“What happened Nic?” asked someone, the voice sounded odd in my ears.  I could hear others.  Star?  Geoffrey?  Declán?  Who was there? …
# # #

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