Tuesday 29 November 2011


BLURB taken from Goodreads

Twelve-year-old Roxie wants to be like Adrianne, the peacock, who gets everything she wants––a trampoline, a flock to prowl around the mall with, and most especially invitations to parties, despite the fact that Adrianne tarantulas and hamsters and cats and owls her way to get it all. But everything changes when Roxie invites all the peacocks in the eighth grade to her birthday party on Halloween and they all come. And a boy, the boy, actually talks to Roxie. She has the best night of her life until the peacocks decide they want to celebrate her birthday in a way she never expects––in her attic, with a pact to swear to never tell a living soul what happens there. Roxie gets everything she’s always wanted, except her old life back.

This book is aimed at teenagers I would say and is about wanting to be in the "IN" crowd which in this book are called the "Peacocks" , the not so "IN" people are the "Dodo's". 
The main character is Roxie and she is a dodo that wants desperately to be a Peacock. Peacocks are beautiful, peacocks have lots of friends and are really popular.
Roxie is also really into animals of all kinds and has posters all over her room of them rather than thr kind of posters the Peacocks would have on their walls.Roxie has never had a birthday party, so when her 13th birthday is looming and her parents are going to be out it means all she has to do is get rid of her two totally dodo brothers! Roxie secretly hands out invites whilst actually believing no one will come except for fellow dodo Ally. However all the peacocks turn up, one thing leads to another and they all end up in the attic sat in a circle and them POW the next minute they are at a totally different place...... Roxie calls it planet popular because she feels like a peacock and part of the "IN" crowd.
Its difficult to say much more as I feel I would actually give too much of the plot and spoil the book for others. Its not the "typical" paranormal story though it does contain AP = Astral Projection.
The thing all the Peacock's and Dodo's  have to keep the fact they AP a secret, and they can never return there alone, also they always leave something behind, there are consequences to their Astral Projection.
The book has a good moral within it which i would sum up as "Be careful for what you wish for you just might get it.....and may not like it!" 

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