Thursday 24 November 2011


BLURB from Goodreads
It's seventh grade. Uncomfortable at thirteen, Rain watches as her friends morph into 'hair-flinging gossip mines' and the pressure mounts to get 'girlie' using curling irons and make-up. Utterly sick of the table talk revolving around 'boys, boys...freaking boys everywhere...,' she privately wishes that men didn't make up half of the population, so maybe her friends would talk about something else. The only girl percussionist in her Middle School's history, she finds she's surprisingly good at something she shouldn't be, and overwhelmingly flawed at everything else.
I really enjoyed this short coming of age style short story. I loved the way Rain wanted to be different and play the drums! Rain is fairly confident in some ways and then really nervous and inexperienced with guys and relationships. Rain is not the typical girly girl she is more of a tomboy into sports and "boy things"Its the whole over looking the best guy for you, and then finding out the guy you do like is not so nice as you think and then finally the best friends get together.
its a totally feel good short story and I would love to read more by Jennifer Steen. I would also love to hear more about Rain too perhaps in future books? A great short story that's well worth reading!

Available form, £1.43 on kindle

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