Thursday 24 November 2011


BLURB from Goodreads

To Jess, it’s a Friday morning like any other. The weather is freaking cold, Katie’s nose junk is freezing to her face, and the boys are trying to kill each other. You know…typical stuff.
After speeding her kids into their only vehicle she flips the key – the car won’t start. Unfortunately, this is the least of her problems. Today isn’t a normal Friday.
Next, she finds out that her husband might lose his job. It’s more than just a job though. It connects to everything. The bills, the furniture, her dreams. This dream, the one she’s been saving for isn’t about a vacation, or a new dress. She wants to visit her dying father for the last time. She’s faced with a choice, one that no one should have to make. She has to choose between supporting her distraught parents, or securing that meager savings for her now unemployed family.
How will she find the strength to do the right thing? Maybe it will come from the last place she expects. Maybe she just needs a little push.

I did enjoy this short story, it was well written and you really felt empathy with Jess, we all have those days where everything that can go wrong does go wrong! Jennifer writes the character of Jess so well you feel her distress at the thought she cannot afford to go see her father now her husband has lost his job due to cutbacks. You feel the frustration that jess knows and accepts she cannot afford to go even though it may be her last chance at seeing her father alive.
Jess starts out the story feeling everything is going wrong for her and that she has to deal with it alone. Later in the day she realises with "a little push" from her youngest son Micah when they are on the bike coming home from school that she is not alone and her family are there to help her. Jess realises that if her and her family pull together they can overcome anything that is thrown at him. This short story is definitely worth the read.

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