Thursday 24 November 2011


BLURB from Goodreads
What do you do if you find yourself suddenly, and without provocation, the target of high school aggression, relentless insults, and painful isolation? Such is the dilemma of teenager Alex Rogers, the main character in I’m Only Human After All, the thought-provoking, absorbing novel inspired by the real-life trials of the author by the same name. In this penetrating story, Rogers draws from his personal experiences to offer invaluable insight to students, teachers, and parents everywhere on today’s increasingly common, and highly damaging, instances of bullying and cyber-bullying. The novel’s poignant, reflective first-person narrative details all that bullied young adults confront, casting crucial new light on this timely topic to enable individuals to cope with this pervasive problem. I’m Only Human After All also represents the debut work of fiction in the ongoing "Empowerment" series based on the author’s life that surrounds topics relevant today.
I really enjoyed this book, it is the story of a young boy, Alex who has gone to school and inevitably ends up being bullied for no reason at all. He ignores the bullies. He is then asked to befriend another by who is new to the school, but that same boy ends up turning on Alex too. Alex just bravely faces all that the bullies throw at him, almost without any reaction. Alex is he middle one of three brothers. His older brother Jason seems so smart and is everything that Alex wishes he could be too. I like how Alex handles the situation himself. I think we all have known bullies in our time and this book deals with the issue of bullying brilliantly. The book does have quite a few religious references, but they don't detract from the story really.

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