Tuesday 22 November 2011


An imaginary adventure tale with important concepts, for children. Enjoyable, attractive and educational, this book can be enjoyed and treasured. Poppy Puzzler was curious about everything and loved asking questions. She asked a very special one, speaking the words out loud, then she drew a character from her imagination. He became alive! They became friends and travelled to an imaginary land where all the answers could be found.
Lots of characters are introduced and adventures begin as they search for the answers to her questions. Eventually, they are discovered and the ending of the story end with another question to think about.
Again another great book, this time a Christmas title to be read to or read-a-long with the Youngsters.
From the cover the book looks colourful and appealing to nursery and junior school children.
This book would make a really great pre-Christmas gift to help the whole family get into the Christmas Spirit and Mood! I will not go into the story as I do not wish to spoil it for the adult reading it to the child as a book should be a journey of discovery for you reading to your child too!

Available directly from Susanna Jennicrai with discount given for multiple copy orders

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